‘My father made me love music, now I am ready for world domination’

Daughter of popular musician, Nana Acheampong, Gyakie, is the Ghanaian rave currently making waves across the continent with her new song, ‘Forever’, featuring Nigerian star, Omah Lay. She visited Nigeria recently and ROTIMI IGE caught up with her for an interactive session on her musical journey and future plans.

How does it feel being one of Africa’s hottest music sensations right now?

It’s an exciting feeling! Waking up in the morning knowing I’m one of Africa’s hottest music sensations right now. I’m honoured I must say.

Growing up as the daughter oF an African music legend, what are some of your fondest memories?

When it comes to memorable moments with my father, there’s quite a number of them. But I’d point out the times he’d go to the studio with me and sometimes he’d make me play around with the mic by recording some melodies.

Did your father’s legacy influence you to do music?

My father’s love for music influenced me to fall in love with music at a very tender age. I loved music, I loved everything entertainment. You would see me almost every time miming or listening to music. This is because he was always playing music at home every single day. The house was always loud with music.

Describe your style of music

My style of music is versatile!

Who are your music influences?

I listen to Asa, Omar Sterling of R2bees and Efya.

Tell us about your latest single and why you chose Omah Lay for the remix.

My latest single is the remix of ‘Forever’ with Omah Lay. I chose him for the remix because he was the best fit. Omah Lay has a way he plays around melodies and his lyrics always have deep meanings.

What has the reception been like?

The reception has been welcoming, and lovely. The fans love the remix and the music video as well.

You just got signed to one of the biggest record labels in the world, Sony Music/RCA UK, can you tell us how this happened?

My manager, Electromirror of Flip The Music and I have worked vigorously the past years and it is manifesting. We are proud to be a part of one of the biggest labels in the world. Our hard work is what got us this deal!

Do you have any international collaboration in the works? / Who would you love to work with internationally?

I am looking forward to working with Asa.

Many artistes consider schooling to be a draw- back in their quest for stardom. How is this not the case for you? Do you think you’re handling both situations well?

To be very honest, it’s been super tough for me. Juggling schooling and music hasn’t been easy but I have made a promise to myself to finish the journey I started and that is what is going to happen, to finish hard.

There have been arguments that African music generally categorised as Afrobeats doesn’t allow for full appreciation of sub genres. What are your thoughts on this?

I don’t think the other genres are not being given the attention. It might not be as much as that of Afrobeats but I feel gradually people are beginning to blend in with it as well.

Do you think the attention and rush for recognition for the Grammys necessitates an African version where we can compete favourably and also have the world’s attention?

African music is getting its upper hand. We are already getting the world’s attention and soon Afrobeats will take over the world. I don’t see it as a competition, I’d say we are preaching Africa to the world!

You visited Nigeria recently. Can you tell us about your experience and what you got up to?

I loved my stay in Nigeria. It was a memorable one. I was in Nigeria for a media tour and we shot the music video for the remix there as well.

What’s your favourite thing about Nigeria?

My favourite thing about Nigeria has to be the people. They are fun to be with and welcoming!

What more should we be expecting from Gyakie?

Expect nothing but good music and good vibes from Gyakie. You know the vibes already!


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