Get trained, dance has moved up, Lawal tells young dancers

The President of the foremost dance company, Spirit of David, Segun Lawal, has advised budding dancers to get requisite skills and training before launching into the dance community.

He said that the art form has become an integral facet of the entertainment industry and so requires its players to be professional about their skills in order to be respected.

Pastor Segun Lawal, who is an alumnus of the US Exchange Programme, made the statement during the launch of the Lagos Chapter of the U.S. Government Exchange Alumni Association, hosted by U.S. Ambassador Mr. W. Stuart Symington.

He said, “Gone are the days dance was seen as the business of lazy and unserious people. It has even gone beyond theatre performances.

“All over the world, dance has become a multi-billion dollar industry. You really can’t have entertainment, music without dance. It has become an expressive force. And we must present it as an art form, which it is.”

He said training and hardwork will be the distinguishing factor of members of the dance community and those who wish to be part of the industry as companies are looking for professional dancers.

“I don’t think dance can be ignored any more. It has come of age, what we need to do is to manage it. This means members must be very well skilled in various genres of dance. A lot of work go into dance performances. We spent a lot of money and time going for training programmes in and outside Nigeria.

“The entertainment industry is replete with activities. There are shows, music video shoots happening all the time. People, organisations and celebrities are looking for trained and professional dancers to perform in their events and video shoots. Anyone looking to be part of the dance community must be excellent, must learn the act and how to manage it. Getting the proper qualification is the first step so that you can get the respect that come with it,” he said.

The Spirit of David has been in existence over two decades has membership strength of over 2000 spread across Nigeria, the UK and the US with about ten branches.

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