Five ways to reduce your electricity bill

It is no longer news that there has been a hike in electricity tariffs. Outrageous electricity bills have been given to customers. This is the kind that makes your heart beat so fast.

Electricity is one of the basic necessities you need as a human, so there is no way you can stop using it.

The best you can do is to reduce electricity usage so you get to pay less.

However, this article will enlighten you on more ways to reduce your electricity bill.

1. Install a prepaid meter

This is one of the wisest and best ways to reduce your electricity bill. Using a prepaid meter prevents you from receiving outrageous bills from your electricity company. You get to buy electricity and it limits your usage. You use only what you buy, and it helps you cut down on the amount of electronics you use. 

2. Turn off unnecessary bulbs and switches

Turning on bulbs and switches when not in use consumes more power. Some people leave their bulbs on even when they are at work. This will make you pay more at the end of the month. 

Turning them off when not in use reduces your bill and also saves you from fire outbreaks. 

3. Limit the number of appliances you use

Using your fan, air conditioner, washing machine all at once will consume more energy than you can ever imagine. This is why you should limit the appliances and electronics you use. 

4. Use bulbs and electronics that consume less power

It is advisable that you replace your energy consuming bulbs or electronics with energy-saving  electronics. High energy consuming appliances can be a lot cheaper than the ones that save energy, but the true cost of using them will be reflected in your bills.

Also, appliances like refrigerators, pressing irons, air conditioners consume more energy. To avoid expensive bills, you should either reduce your use of these appliances or replace them with energy saving types.

You can also list out the appliances you have and figure out how much power they consume. This will enable you to cut down on their usage to avoid outrageous bills or constant buying of energy to power your house. I hope you found this helpful.



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