FG should revisit, review and reshape Nigeria’s educational curriculum ― Oni

A renowned educator and stateswoman, Mrs Dupe Oni has admonished Federal Government to revisit, review and reshape Nigeria’s educational curriculum.

She noted that the curriculum should be in tandem with the fourth industrial revolution in order not to be caught unawares.

Dupe, who is the Executive Director of Standard Bearer School, made this call at a briefing recently held in Lagos.

“There is an urgent need to revisit, review and reshape Nigeria’s curriculum to align with the fast-evolving Industrial Revolution.

“This is imperative because it would make our graduates be relevant in the global space vis-à-vis the out-phasing conventional work pattern that characterizes Nigeria’s curriculum.” Dupe said.

Meanwhile, Oni stressed that Nigerian graduates are unemployable because of the paucity of digital skills, noting that certificate is not an end in itself but a means to it.

She said that the future of work is technology-driven; hence, the lack of digital skills means no jobs in the nearest future.

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“Today we talk about so many graduates unemployed. They are unemployed because they have a certificate but they don’t have the required skills.

“The certificate means nothing because, what people are looking out for, is the skill that you bring with your certificate.

“And so, Google says they don’t need graduates anymore, Uber says the same. They all want skills, and what skill do they want? Skills that can work with technology.

“So, it’s not everybody that has to be an Engineer in technology, but everybody has to be able to know enough about technology to work in a technology-driven space.

“The future of work is within that space. There’s absolutely nothing that will go on 10 years from today in the world, that will not have technology embedded in it” She said.

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