Feminism is not a contest with men

F OR a while now, the term feminism is one that many have heard at different for a and if you ask around today, many people will tell you they know what feminism is and would even consider themselves as feminists. But are they right? No. many of the people that say they are feminists do not even know what feminism is about, little wonder, people; both male and female, have a misconception about the ideology of feminism and are not open to it.

This is not surprising, it only reinforces the need to continue sensitising people to the need to acquire knowledge and seek a better understanding before they brand themselves as feminists because the wired and extreme beliefs expressed by those that think they know what feminism is but do not affects the work put in by genuine people and derail the progress of the work done.

Many have openly expressed an array of beliefs and opinions about gender equality and feminism and there is tremendous dissent and vehement disagreement among people around the world about the status and importance of equality especially in the face of the extremities perpetrated by modern day feminists who have deviated from what feminism signifies at its core and have made many hate the term; this is also part of the reasons many people hate feminism and resist it like a plague.

While feminism aims to address the under representation of women in top professions, the advocacy sometimes take on a new dimension as feminist have to work round or more often than not battle opposition, domination and oppression from men and even females with traditional bias on the role of women. The determination to fight for equal opportunities has made feminist participation in issues a competition and a source of constant tension.

While there are millions of people across the world especially on the African continent who kick against the idea that there should be equal rights and equal opportunities for men and women, there are thousand others who normally would have no issue about equality for men and women if they are not subjected to the negative brand of feminism practiced by many women feminists.

The truth is that while it is important for the society to treat the male and female child equally and give women a level playing field as their male counterparts by removing glass ceilings and unnecessary bias just because of gender and not abilities, many feminists also need to learn that feminism isn’t a contest between men and women nor a battle of who is better. Rather, it is a call to overlook gender and allow anyone with ability use it to engender development irrespective of their gender.

While men need to learn that a woman occupying a position of authority does not in any way undermine their dignity as men or cast aspersions on their manhood, women also need to stop using the perceived shortcoming of some men to denigrate the entire gender.

No amount of contest will make a woman a man even when you can do what a man can do, feminists need to embrace their gender and put in their best if they want to be given a level playing field. I strongly believe as a feminist that to have a level playing field, a woman has to pull her weight and if for whatever reason you cannot achieve a set goal, don’t use your gender as an excuse, like a sensible man will do, look at the reasons you failed and work on overcoming such challenges.

You cannot ask for a level playing field on one hand and on the other hand, be looking for soft landing simply because you are a woman. This is a warped belief about feminism. As a woman, you have hidden strengths and innate intuition that you can use to overcome challenges in situations where a man will use physical strength and brawl.       .

It is time to stop making feminism a battle and you can do this by getting the fundamental facts of what feminism is. Stop the men hate.


To be continued.




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