FEEDBACK: Nigerians tackle FG for defending rearrest of Sowore by DSS

Nigerians on social media have expressed mixed feelings over the justification the Federal Government gave for the rearrest of Omoyele Sowore by the Department of State Services (DSS).

The  State House, had, in a press release, titled “Sowore: Between Facts and Fiction,” stated that Omoyele Sowore, is a person of interest to the Department of State Service (DSS) and as such is not an ordinary human rights activist.

The release stated that Sowore had called for a revolution to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nigeria.

Tribune Online recalls that Sowore was released on Thursday after spending 125 days in the custody of the DSS only to be rearrested on Friday after appearing before a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja.

However, Nigerians have continued to react to the position of the FG on Sowore’s rearrest which was made available on the verified Twitter handle of the FG, which many flayed as a mere defence of injustice against Sowore.

While some strongly disagreed with the statement, others were of the opinion that in other developed countries, a call for revolution is a treasonable felony.

According to @talk2ozed, it is a disappointment the Presidency penned the release in response to Sowore and DSS case.

“The presidency represents a position of authority, which must be discharged with utmost responsibility. This expectation includes every single office which serves under it. It is thus a massive disappointment that someone charged with media and public communication would pen this release in response to the Sowore vs DSS case. The issue at hand isn’t the allegations against Sowore, but the DSS’ attitude to a competent court of law and outright disregard for the judiciary. That you conveniently sidestepped it is a big shame.”

In his reaction @LawrenceOkoroTL said the revolution Sowore called for was for a better Nigeria.

“The revolution Sowore called for was for a better Nigeria which all Nigerian badly crave. His hunger, fight and desire for a better country can never be killed, remember its not the size of the dog in a fight that matters, its the fight in the dog that makes all the difference.”

@efe_enterprise opined that revolution is the fundamental human right of the people.

“Why won’t there be a revolution in a failed state? Without electricity, high inflation rate, no jobs, the lame govt even increased tax and you want the people to calm? Revolution is a fundamental human right of the people under international law.”

However, @findurvoice-11 questioned the government on his rearrest.

“Since he has been charged to court, why is it so difficult for the DSS to allow the case to run its full course? Is the govt planning to charge him to another court for the same offence? Why resort to self-help by abducting him after assuring the court that he won’t be rearrested?”

According to @EABabalola_, the government is only scared of the revenge of the masses, adding that if Sowore’s intent is to overthrow the sitting government then he is right.

“A movement that intends to overthrow the government will not have these demands. The government is just scared of the revenge of the masses if Sowore’s intent is to publicly incite the people towards the impeachment of a sitting government then he is right.”

In his reaction @Edward_Onoriode is of the opinion that Sowore brought whatever he is facing on himself.

“Like I said, Sowore brought this to himself. Everyone is free to protest and ask the government to live right if they’re failing. But calling for a Revolution and claimed that DSS and the presidency will fail to exist after being sighted with Nnamdi Kanu is enough evidence.”

In his word, @EmperorTrilion said the Federal Government wants Sowore to beg and promise he will be quiet against their tyranny.

“@NGRPresident said Sowore’s call for #RevolutionNow, which is a massive protest, is not any different from Boko Haram, but they are releasing Boko Haram members after they’ve been ‘cowed’. In a nutshell, they want Sowore to beg and promise to be quiet, against their tyranny!”

@PatOgunwale was of the opinion that this is a democracy and the government should let democracy take its course.

“If your government is about to be dethroned, this is democracy let democracy take its course, people elected, let these people give their verdict but because u are elected to power you are not using the power against d people. If this government is really on course they have nothing to fear about Sowore.”

Also reacting, @Alausa_O said the statement only explained why he was first arrested and not why he was rearrested by DSS.

“So far, the long thread has only explained why he was first arrested. Not why he was rearrested and, why there was a commotion at the Court House. Also, the DSS doesn’t just operate on its own. If you can’t call for sanction on DSS’ action, then, this thread is of no use.”