Effective communication antidote to communities/IOCs impasse

AGAINST the backdrop of previous challenges and concerns around operation area of multinationals companies in the Niger Delta that created feud in their host communities, The Director-General of the Bayelsa State Partnership Agency (BSPA), Hon Braboke Stanley Enaibagha has said that effective communication and partnership is the antidote to impasse between communities and multinationals Oil companies.

This, the Director-General said during at a familiarization visit to the management of Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) at Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He pointed that challenges, concerns and misgivings are bound to occur around operational base of multinationals because of corporate and individual interest is involved; but noted that this occurrence can be contained through partnership, effective communication and feedback mechanism.

Accordingly, Enaibagha averred that it was for this reason that Governor Seriake Dickson established the agency to serve as the fulcrum between communities, multinational oil and construction companies to broker effective partnership tie, promote peace around operational base in the communities.

The Director-General submitted that the agency remains the one stop desk to resolve issues, particularly concerns and challenges with a view to abhor impasse between communities and multinationals companies operating in the state.

“We are saddled to with these responsibilities and to also report to the Governor for action” the Director-General said. He therefore enjoined the management of Agip to send a representative to the joint desk of the agency, stressing that the agency and representatives is billed to hold its inaugural meeting in May.

Noting that the Dickson led Restoration Government has invested so much in security in order to promote peace; Enaibagha averred that cultism and militancy have been outlawed with a view to improve Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) towards the accelerated growth of human and physical development in the state.

“Government is aware that impasse and militancy would reduce IGR, hence the Restoration Government invested in security to promote a conducive atmosphere for business to thrive in the state.

“We have continue to advise our people to protect oil installations, pipelines and wellheads, as well as other national assets in the state because their wellbeing would stimulate the state’s economy,” Enaibagha said.

Responding, the Divisional Manager of NAOC, Mr Mpi Nwenendah said the Governor was apt to establish the agency with define mandate to promote a platform for peace and partnership for businesses to thrive in the state.

He assured that NAOC is open to dialogue and that the idea of a joint desk with the agency is welcomed, just as he promised to send their representative before the inaugural joint desk meeting in Yenagoa.

Nwanendah in support of the Director-General reiterated that ineffective communication has a negative consequence that could lead to total breakdown of law and order if left unchecked.

Noting that NAOC is fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, He advised the youths not to vandalize oil installations; as such act could force oil multinationals to evacuating from their communities.

To this end, he pointed that the activities of the joint desk should be streamlined and institutions respected to promote mutual trust and benefits.