CJN inaugurates 85 Judges to handle petitions arising from Edo, Ondo governorship elections

The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, on Thursday, administered oath on the members of election petition tribunals for the forthcoming governorship elections in Edo and Ondo states as well -as other by-elections across the country.

Speaking at the inauguration, the CJN charged the Judges not to take their inauguration as one of those ceremonies merely required to fulfil set procedures.

He said: “It is a solemn pledge between you and your creator. You are expected to conduct your affairs within the ambit Of the law and the oath that has just been administered on you, as anything short of that will place you on the wrong side of history and God will ask you the questions that you may not be confident enough to answer.”

He said, as judicial officers, it is not the first time they are taking an oath and charged them to be upright and always live above reproach.

“I can confidently tell you that this is a weighty undertaking you have just signed before the almighty God. I am saying this because as the Chief Justice of Nigeria, I will not condone any act of recklessness, abuse of power and public trust.”

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The CJN told the Judges to count themselves worthy to be so entrusted-with the humongous responsibility of deciding the fate of those who would be contesting the highest political offices in Edo and Ondo states respectively and some other political offices in other states by virtue of the forthcoming elections.

Trust, he said is a burden and must be discharged with utmost sincerity, honesty and transparency, because conscience is an open wound healed only by truth.

“You must rise and operate every sentiment that might play out in the course of your adjudication in the tribunal.

“There is no doubt that temptations, tribulations, intimidations and even sheer blackmails may be unleashed on you but as thorough-bred judicial officers, you must guide your loins to rise above all and do what will earn you accolades in the court of public opinions.

“There is no mountain too high to scale, and there is no goal too difficult to achieve as far as you have firmly resolved to attain higher heights in life,” he said.

He told them that all eyes are on them and urged them to remember that their conducts will be publicly dissected and thoroughly scrutinised.

“Do what is right in our law books and you will have your names etched in gold. Do what is at variance with your conscience and you will get a scar that will terminally dent your ascension to higher height in life.”

The CJN also charged them to be guided by good conscience and enjoy the best that the Nigerian Judiciary can offer them.


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CJN inaugurates 85 Judges

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CJN inaugurates 85 Judges

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