ATM machines and coronavirus

I read somewhere that someone can catch the Coronavirus infection from the ATM machine that has been previously used by an infected person. Kindly let me know if this is true. Also educate me about other avenues through which the infection can spread.
Ibro (by SMS)

It has been confirmed that a sneeze or cough from an infected person can deposit virus-laden droplets onto doorknobs, elevator buttons, ATM machines or your cell phone. Tests have also found that the virus can live on some surfaces for up to three days. Then, all you have to do is lay a finger on one of these surfaces and touch your nose, your eye or your mouth. This is why it is important to always wash your hand anytime you touch a public utility such as doors, metal surfaces as well as ATM before you use the hand to touch your face. In addition, an infected person who coughs or sneezes could spray tiny drops of infected saliva, which can fly about 3 feet before they fall to the ground. During those few seconds, those droplets can be inhaled by people nearby and infect them. This is why it is advisable for one to maintain a distance of about 6- foot radius from the nearest person to you to avoid getting infected.







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