Acting helps me forget my worries —Queen Bewaji

For fast-rising actress, Queen Bewaji, who cut her professional teeth in acting five years ago, being an actress does not only give her joy, but it is the only job that makes her forget about her worries. According to her, nothing else helps her to get over any trying moments like being in front of the camera doing what she loves best.

 The actress, who believes she has what it takes to be rise to the peak of her career in a matter of three to five years, maintained that her journey to becoming one of Nigeria’s most sought after thespians that will rule the make-believe world had just begun, even as she reckoned that it would not be an easy ride.

Determined and ready to take her destiny in her hands, Queen Bewaji said while she is gradually making a name for herself as an actress, unlike some of her colleagues who are quick to become movie producers, she was not in a rush to produce any movie that would not stand the test of time.

According to her, anybody can be a movie producer, but not all movies can stand the test of time. This she said had always been her guide as she would not be forced to do a shady job all in the name of being called a movie producer.

Speaking in an interview with R, Bewaji a graduate of Business Administration, said going back to school to complete her education was one of the best decisions she had taken, adding that while acting remained her passion, being a graduate , who can pursue a career in other fields was equally an added advantage.

Having started her career under the Odunfa Caucus group headed by veteran actor, Yinka Quadri, Bewaji said her career has witnessed an impressive turnaround in the last few years owing to her determination to work hard and put in her best in every job that comes her way.

Speaking on her experience in the movie industry, Bewaji, who said she got her first movie appearance through Yinka Quadri, in the movie entitled Iya Meta, added that she spent some years being the personal assistant to popular actress, Toyosi Adesanya, who she described as someone, who helped her quick rise in the industry.

Bewaji is an ambitious young lady, who likes to take on new challenges. This, she said, helped her to get her into the popular TV drama series, Tinsel. According to her, having gone through many auditions with no breakthrough, she was told about Tinsel auditioning and she got a role in her first attempt.

“I have had series of experiences at auditions but I never got anything. I was not discouraged as I kept on pushing until one day when I heard about Tinsel and I went for the auditioning. It was my first time there and I got the role. Though, I am not one of the major actors in the series, but being on set and appearing in a few clips have helped me to keep getting better and working even harder,” she said.

From Tinsel, Bewaji has featured in more than five English movies and a lot of Yoruba speaking ones, but she insisted that there was more to come from her as the year progresses. Asked how she has been coping with pressure from men in the industry and beyond, the actress said she deals with the pressure well.

She said: “I am not new in the industry and I understand what some men want especially when they know you are attractive. It is not peculiar to me. Every young lady goes through the same pressure but I have a special way of turning men down. I would not want to reveal that to you now so that those who are reading this won’t set bobby traps for me.”

On her experience with sex for roles in the industry, Bewaji said while she understands that such practice may exist, she has never been subjected to it.

  “I am not desperate for roles. If it comes fine, if I don’t get it, I don’t feel bad. But no one will subject me to such demeaning act because I want to appear in a movie. It all depends on what you want for yourself and how you hope to achieve it. Some men in the industry will say Bewaji should not have been actress. Why? Because I don’t believe I have to sleep with anyone to get what I want,” she said.