Abuja Masterplan: FCTA demolishes buildings worth millions in two estates

In a bid to restore the sanctity of the Abuja Masterplan, the FCT Administration on Thursday demolished buildings worth millions of Naira located within two estates in Lugbe District of the Federal Capital City (FCC).

Most of the affected were duplexes at their various stages of completion inside Seman Estate, behind Dunamis Church, along Airport Road, in the newly designated District of the FCC.

In particular, FCTA officials accompanied by joint security agencies stormed and cleared some contravening structures situated inside Seman Metropolis Estate behind Dunamis River Plate Estate, and Palms Residences opposite ShopRite Pyagasa junction, all in Lugbe.

Explaining the exercise, Senior Special Assistant on Inspection, Monitoring and Enforcement to the FCT, Comrade Ikharo Attah, said: “At the point of our inauguration, the minister stressed the need to restore the sanctity and dignity of Abuja Master Plan, and restore Abuja to the path the founding fathers want it to be.

“The Department of Development Control approached my office to actually clean up some of the things here. So, we have started massively in the area of violations against the Abuja Masterplan.

“What the minister asked us to do is to engage and re-engage stakeholders to do the right thing, while still standing that we cannot allow illegality in the FCC.

“We will be doing more inspection, monitoring while also stabilising and ensuring that we enforce very strongly.

“All developers must ensure that genuine land and approved plan before commencing development.

“You must also not exceed your boundary, because we see boundary extensions. So developers who contravene, we will be coming very tough against them, and that is the mandate of the minister, you can’t rape the masterplan and go free.”

Similarly, the Acting Director, Development Control Department of the FCT, Garba Kwamkur, reiterated that the developers had not come to seek approval for the structures being developed.

He recalled that the department did some removal at the Seman Estate earlier this year, and the developer mobilised thugs who assaulted them, and they had to withdraw and had to return again because the developer continued building even after he stopped.

He decried that most developers in Abuja think that they don’t have to seek approval for developments in Lugbe and other places within the FCC and FCT at large, adding that Abuja Master Plan must be respected.

One of the affected developers and Managing Director (MD), Seaman Global Project Ltd, Steven Maxwell, who described the demolition exercise as shocking, however, admitted that the process for obtaining approvals for the structures was still ongoing.

He however disclosed that each of the demolished duplexes upon completion is estimated to cost a minimum of N25 Million.

He, therefore, made a passionate plea for the FCTA to halt the exercise, so as to enable the firm to do the needful.


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FCTA demolishes buildings | FCTA demolishes buildings | FCTA demolishes buildings

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