Ability to read people is an edge in business – Boniface Ogunti

Liberian-born, US-based business magnate, Boniface Ogunti who made over $2.5 million dollars at the young age of 21 and subsequently growing it to over $36 million dollars in a couple of years by running Facebook ads for eCommerce sales has revealed one of the secrets of his success.

Ogunti, who left war-torn Liberia for America at the age of seven is also a business educator who shares his business models and ideas to a wide range of audience from hundreds of countries all over the world says reading people’s minds is key to business success.

In one of his classes, Ogunti reeled out clues regarding getting through the mask of other people. He also shared a video to physically demonstrate how the techniques can be perfected.

“If you could strip away the masks, wouldn’t business deals be so much easier to complete? You see, one of the most valuable skills that you can master in life and in business is the ability to read people. It will give you the winning edge in mastering negotiations, in business and in life. I have the ability to read people because I meet so many people every single day. I’ve met thousands and thousands of people face-to-face. Today I’m going to teach you some of the fundamentals on how to read people that will help you in business and in all areas of your life,” he lectured.

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In the typical university lecturer style Ogunti serialized ways the mind can be read. He gave out five clues to reading the mind.

The first clue, according to him, is the movement of the eyes. The second clue he gave to be ‘reading people’s distances.

He said the third clue is, “ Reading someone by mirroring them. The fourth and fifth are “Reading Arm Movement” and “Reading Leg and Knee Positions”. For each clue he gave a detailed explanation.

He built his entrepreneurial empire through his personal experiences, not traditional education. Ogunti was a college drop out, therefore, he was reliant on his experiences to learn. If one were to look at Ogunti’s background, they would realize how many of his business attempts were not successful, this is because he was not aware of his strengths.

Ogunti aims to teach others, similar to him, to unlock their inner potential, and understand the necessity of knowing their strengths and weaknesses before beginning their business endeavors. He learned a lot about this from his mentor.

When looking at Ogunti’s success story, originating from humble beginnings in Liberia, we can learn that with the right mindset and strategies anyone can become prosperous. Ogunti made over $2.5 million dollars at the young age of 21, which grew to $36 million dollars as he perfected his craft running Facebook ads for eCommerce sales.


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