10 effective ways of parenting the 21st-century child

The 21st-century child is unlike every other child from previous generations.  The peculiarities of this set of children make the process of parenting them a delicate one. The different technological advancements these children were born into and are being exposed to constantly calls for the need for parents to put in extra effort in order to be effective parents.   

Being an effective parent to the 21st-century child is indeed a great and demanding task as a result of the fast pace at which the world is moving. Effective parenting for the 21st-century child requires patience, knowledge, information, exemplary life, firmness, and much more.  

Discussed in this article are ways to help you effectively parent your 21st-century child.  

1. Be ahead   

The 21st-century children are inquisitive by nature. They are always fond of asking questions and seeking ways of getting answers to things that are not clear or logical to them.   

In order to be an effective parent to this kind of child, you must always be ahead of them. You want to be always prepared to give simple yet logical and reasonable answers or explanations to their questions.   

If you don’t get miles ahead of your child in terms of information and other happenings in society, you may be on the verge of exposing them to the wrong hands.   

2. Avoid the use of force or coercion   

The 21st-century child is not the one to apply force or coercion on. This doesn’t mean you should not be firm with them. Trying to force them to do things against their will without a logical explanation is a dead attempt from the start.  

You can liken the brain of the 21st-century child to a digital computer. For you to be able to make them obey you, you must reason with them as mature minds. Make them see reasons why a thing is either good or bad for them and watch them make the right decisions with you guiding them.   

The 21st-century child requires guidance from you in order for you to effectively parent them and not the use of force or coercion.   

3. Correct them in love

You don’t necessarily need to beat or spank a 21st-century child before you can correct them.  The use of a cane oftentimes makes the 21st-century child hardened rather than remorseful for their mistakes.   

In order to be an effective parent to the 21st-century child, you must learn to make them know the reasons those things you’re correcting them for are wrong, their consequences and why they shouldn’t engage in it.  

These methods work better in correcting the 21st-century child rather than just beating, punishment or spanking.  

4. Be open   

Gone are the generations where parents are not open and free with their children.   

To effectively parent the 21st-century child, you must be as free and as open as possible. Make them see you as a friend rather than an authority or dictator. Ensure you are so free with them that they can discuss any and everything with you.  

As a parent, your child must not be scared to have a conversation with you.  Be their best friends so they don’t fall into wrong hands in the public space.   

5. Celebrate their little successes   

To win the heart of your child and to be an effective parent, you should cultivate the habit of celebrating their little successes. This goes a long way in building your child’s confidence and determination to do more. This is also an excellent way to show love to the 21st-century child.   

6. Don’t go out of your way to satisfy them  

To parent the 21st-century child effectively you should never go out of your way to satisfy them. If you cannot afford what they want, let them know. This, in a way, teaches them contentment.   

Alternatively, you can negotiate to get things for them within your financial capacity.   

7. Exemplary lifestyle   

Another effective way of parenting the 21st-century child is through exemplary lifestyle. You have to lead by example. All the values you want them to inculcate must first be shown to them by their parents.   

Your actions speak louder than your voice to this set of children and they tend to become a reflection of your person.  So, it’s important to model the right values to them and never leave the upbringing of your child to a person you don’t know how he or she was brought up.   

8. Spend quality time with them   

You should never be too busy for your child if you will parent them effectively. The 21st-century child needs your attention as a parent more than any other generation.  

 There is a lot of garbage in society that if one doesn’t create adequate time to be with one’s child, they may be influenced negatively.   

Get involved in every aspect of their lives from academics to friends to passion to goals, association and so on.  

To truly and effectively parent the 21st-century child, you must spend quality time with them.   

9. Celebrate them on special occasions   

Celebrating your child during special occasions such as birthdays, graduation, and so on matters in making you an effective 21st-century parent.   

Make them feel special and loved on their special occasions. You can also take them out on random days as well.  

10. Introduce God to them  

As the holy book says” teach a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” We are in a perilous time and it is important for you as a parent to show your children the way of the lord early.   

Introduce and nurture them in your faith and watch them emerge as conquerors and trailblazers in the 21st century.   

Parenting is the most important and delicate role you will ever take up in life. Put in all your best to effectively parent your 21st-century child and never leave any aspect of the 21st-century child’s life to chance.  

To help you become that effective parent you want to be, check out the qualities of an effective parent   


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