‘My wife is troublesome, stubborn, arrogant and not submissive’

His friends tried to caution him about his attitude toward me —Wife

A man, Taiwo Oladepo, has prayed an Agege Customary Court in Lagos State, to dissolve his 11-year-old marriage over alleged lack of care and submission by the woman.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), he claimed that his wife, Biola, was troublesome, disobedient, not submissive and not caring.

“My wife is too troublesome; she is stubborn, arrogant and not submissive. She is also lazy and wayward.

“There has been no peace in this marriage; we live like cat and mouse,” he told the court.

The petitioner submitted that his wife went out and returned any time she liked, adding that each time he asked her where she had been, she would tell me: “Go and ask Google.

“I am no longer interested in the union,” he submitted.

Responding, Biola, denied the allegations.

She said that the petitioner lacked respect for her and beat her regularly.

“There was a time his friends tried to caution him about his attitude to me.

“The beating is unbearable but l kept bearing it because of my children,” she said.

She added that Taiwo had illicit affairs with different women.

Biola consented to the dissolution of the marriage, but appealed to the court to give her the custody of the children, urging that Taiwo should be responsible for the children’s education and healthcare.

President of the court, Mr Philip Williams, adjourned the case till January 31, 2017 for judgement.