Understanding Africa’s past, future


TWO books, “Lost in Democracy” and “Nigeria’s Journalistic Militantism and Africa’s Diabolical Entrapment,” have been launched in Benin City, Edo State.

The books, which are mainly about the past, present and future concerns of Africa and Africans, are written by a Nigerian/German, Friday Agbonlahor, aka Frisky Larr, and were presented at the famous Benin Club, Benin City, at an event that attracted bigwigs in the academic world and the society.

In his remark, chairman at the launch, Engineer Ade Edeki, said the books were well written, apt and were coming at a critical time in the existence of Africans, adding that the writer’s in-depth analysis, as well as the intellectualistic nature of the books were noticeable.

The reviewer of the books, Barrister Efosa Ogieriakhi, said the “Lost in Democracy” is divided into three-sections, namely the pre-colonial, colonial and post colonial eras.

He noted that the writer enumerated the advantages of the colonial era which he said included education and civilisation, listing some of the challenges of present day African democracy as corruption, self interest, among others.

While reviewing the “Nigeria Journalistic Militantism and Africa’s Diabolical Entrapment,” Barrister Ogieriakhi, stated that the author’s in the book, reinstated the self confidence of the African people, inciting them to believe in themselves as well as in their abilities to impact positive change in all facets of life.

He said, “Consequently, I have no hesitation in recommending these books to the general public because the ideas enunciated by Agbonlahor are realisable and Africa will one day be a blessed continent, where peace and justice would reign supreme.”

In his remark, author of the books, Friday Agbonlahor, said his decision to write the books was born out of his desire to contribute his quota to the overall development of the African society.

He said after carefully putting the material together, he believes that when a reader reads the books, he will find it difficult to put them down without finishing them because of their lucidity, language, simplicity and well-taught-out presentation of materials, just as he admonished the people to cultivate reading habit.