Trash the rules, own your style!

Before you take that selfie, read this!

Have you ever broken some fashion rules by wearing several combinations that haven’t been tried before and you stepped out of the house  to notice people stare at you questioningly?  STYLE believes that some fashion forward ladies would identify with this situation.

Most fashionistas don’t follow trends; they create them! Take the likes of songstress, Yemi Alade, Nollywood actress,Rita Dominic, fashion influencers and bloggers, Noble Igwe and Denola Grey and socialite, Nkiru Anumudu. These top A-listers are known for their signature styles that radiate their personalities.

Also, take for instance this multiple Grammy award-winning rapper, Kanye West, when he announced his clothing line that represents his personality which comprised of severely torn tee-shirts that looked like rags, people were quick to laugh it off but by the time the clothes were launched, they were sold out within minutes and have become one of the most sought after clothes by fashion enthusiasts, even in Nigeria.

The key to owning your style is confidence; it is the sexiest thing you can wear.  Confidence allows you to own your looks. Confidence gives you that feeling of, “I couldn’t care less if anyone likes what I’m wearing, because I do!”

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different style that suits your personality. Your personality is your identity. Knowing your personal style gives you the freedom to experiment and explore.


Before you take that selfie, read this!

A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a digital camera or camera phone. While selfies has become a global phenomenon, in Nigeria, an event is not complete without a selfie or in most cases, group selfies. While it is good to capture timeless moments while looking glam and fabulous at a fashion forward event, there are things you must be conscious of to avoid embarrassing stares. These are listed below:

  • Be sure to have well-manicured fingernails: taking selfies requires stretching out your fingers with your phone. Displaying dirty or unkempt fingernails might earn you ugly stares from onlookers.
  • Be sure you smell nice: If you are taking a group selfie with your friends or people you just met, be sure you are wearing cologne to avoid any nose twitching from the group you are taking selfies with.
  • Be sure your armpits are shaved: If you are wearing sleeveless clothing, ensure that your armpits are shaved, as taking selfie requires stretching out your hands.
  • Adjust that boobs! If you are wearing a cleavage revealing dress and wants to take a selfie with important and respected dignitaries at an event, it is advisable to adjust your revealing cleavages or borrow a shawl so as to avoid an awkward selfie, as your dressing might make them feel uncomfortable to be in the same picture with you