My daughter’s poor growth

My daughter is 20 months old but still looks very small. Please what can I do?

Seye (by SMS)


Normal growth is the result of several factors, such as nutrition, genetics, and hormones. Growth failure can run in a family because some children with short stature usually have parents with short stature. In addition, malnutrition is a common cause of growth failure and is usually poverty-related.  When children do not have access to good food, they usually don’t grow well. Another possible cause of poor growth is inadequate amount of hormones, especially thyroid hormone which is also called growth hormone. Thyroid hormone is necessary for normal growth.  In children with hypothyroidism, growth is extremely slow. With all the above possibilities, it will be a good idea for you to take your daughter to a specialist or teaching hospital where a proper examination and series of tests would confirm the actual cause of her ailment and the necessary treatment.