Are our rulers immune to recession?

January 8, 2017

Hard times have hit Nigerians big time. Jobs are lost in droves, employers are unable to keep up with prompt payment of salaries, pensioners have been long forgotten by those who are supposed to help […]

Thinking about the Nigerian Dream

January 1, 2017

The dawn of a New Year provides individuals and organisations an occasion to review their activities and make projections for the ensuing year. This is the secret behind the success of many persons and groups. […]

Christmas without turkey

December 25, 2016

“WHAT is Christmas without a turkey? What is Christmas worth without the celebration that goes along with it? How can we celebrate the birth of the Lord without jubilation and merrymaking?” These were the words […]

Is ill of man the will of God?

December 18, 2016

THE German automobile giant, BMW, recently put on display a modified 2-Series Coupe and 6-Series Gran Coupe, self-driving cars that can negotiate difficult driving conditions and slide round corners at high speeds, with an accuracy […]

These flip flops will floor the economy

December 11, 2016

IT appears General Douglas Macarthur’s counsel to leaders to refrain from giving orders that cannot be obeyed does not make much sense to Nigerian leaders going by the decision of the government to ban the […]

PDP must die

December 4, 2016

THE Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is long past its usefulness and it is time for it to die and be cremated for a stronger and more purposeful party to rise from its ashes. Many Nigerians […]

Fight or flight?

November 27, 2016

Sky high expectations heralded his coming. The sentiment was ubiquitous. Projected as the tested conquering cowherd, Raised specifically to tame my woes. Being seasoned by life’s vicissitudes, He was fitted to calm troubling nerves. The […]

Trump’s victory as the media’s defeat

November 13, 2016

Mainstream media in the United States of America made no bones about their preference in the just concluded presidential election. Hilary Clinton of Democratic Party was their choice and they brazenly promoted her candidature. They […]

Subjecting Buhari to opprobrium

November 6, 2016

IT happened twice within a week. First, it was the request for the $29.96billion foreign loans sent to the Senate by President Muhammadu Buhari. The Senate rejected the request on the ground that the executive […]

The other room and the theory of otherness

October 30, 2016

NIGERIA is in a dire economic strait at the moment. Most people continuously wear a very long look as the raging economic hardship continues to take its toll on the life of the average Nigerian. […]

Bringing LAUTECH out of the crypt

October 23, 2016

It was heartwarming to learn last Thursday that the governors of Oyo and Osun states have resolved to end the crisis that has engulfed the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, for many years. Both […]

Did Minister Adeosun really say that?

October 9, 2016

DESPITE the seeming patriotic fervor that propelled Mrs Kemi Adeosun, Finance Minister, to tell the world that Western countries are blocking the nation’s plan to improve power supply through a resort to coal-fire energy, the […]

A nation’s love for committees

October 2, 2016

Nigerian leaders’ love for committees is boundless. The first thing that crosses their minds when there is an issue in a sector is to raise a committee, regardless of the fact that there may be […]

Another look at Nigerian education system

September 25, 2016

THINGS are on a seemingly inexorable decline in the country because of our penchant for failing to nip potential crisis in the bud, forgetting that whatever ill we fail to deal with promptly will eventually […]

Pray, what do these governors do?

September 18, 2016

These are difficult times in our country, no doubt, especially due to the slide in crude oil prices which has resulted in the thinning out of revenue accruing to the country from crude oil sales. […]

Winning through poverty

September 11, 2016

  IT is disheartening that the level of poverty in the country fails to give members of the ruling class the creeps. That the rich and the powerful are still able to flaunt their wealth, […]

25.3 million Nigerian kids out of school?

September 4, 2016

Education Minister, AdamuAdamu, shocked the whole country when he said last Monday that 25.3million Nigerian children and youths are out of school. This development has bestowed on Nigeria the despicable prize of the country with […]

Abnormality as the new norm in Nigeria

August 28, 2016

Director-General of the Nigerian Law School, Professor Olanrewaju Onadeko, stunned the whole nation, last Thursday, when he said that some lawyers had been caught writing the bar examination for students. The DG, who disclosed this […]

Search for crude oil in the North

August 21, 2016

Twice in three weeks, call for the intensification of crude oil search in the Northern part of the country came to the fore. First, it was President Muhammadu Buhari who, according to the Group Managing […]

Dogara, Jibrin and budget padding

August 14, 2016 Sulaimon Olanrewaju

The general misconduct of those who occupy leadership positions in the country has pitted the governed against them. The leaders’ great misdemeanor has resulted in the people’s great contempt for them. Now, Nigerians believe every […]