Can I continue with the one I love or should I wait?


Dear Yemisi,

I am 14 years old. I am an SS2 student.

I have many toasters, but I have consented to having two boyfriends as I am writing you.

The others keep telling me that they love me, but I don’t love one of them.

Please ma, how can I break up with the one that keeps pestering me for affection whom I don’t have feelings for.

The other question bothering me is can I continue with the one I love or wait?




Dear Seyi,

What you are passing through is a normal phase in the life of a teenager as you transit to adulthood.

It is a phase when you fall in and out of love with the members of the opposite sex. So it is natural and normal for boys to want to be associated with you as long as you have the features of a young woman.

A teenage girl can be likened to a budding hibiscus flower that attracts all insects. Seyi, at 14, you are too young to be involved in any form of relationship with any boy whether amorous or platonic.

There is no decision you make now on the boys who you are in love with that will stand the test of time. If you ask me, you don’t have the wherewithal to sustain any relationship with a boy without ending up hating and regretting your decision later in life.

What any boy wants from you now is premature sex because that is the language he understands. He will want to test his manhood and who knows just a round might disrupt your studies. Having a boyfriend is nothing but a wrong step to achieving greatness later in life.

Getting out of this confusion is your resolution to remain your good self by not giving in to any form of advance from any guy. They will come, yes, but the decision to have your integrity intact is by telling them without raising your voice to leave you for now for reasons best known to you.

My advice for you Seyi, is to tell whoever cares to listen that you are not available. Your future to me, should be your priority number one.

It is better you wait to stay out of trouble.