Adekunle Gold’s day of joy

He’s fast proving to be the man of the moment and from what was displayed at his album listening on Thursday, Adekunle Gold proved that he wants to stay in the music industry for a long time.

Industry elite, fans and brand executives who were at the event would not forget in a hurry how they were thrilled with Gold performance. It will be remembered as the night, Adekunle Gold  ascended the throne of musical royalty, taking up the scepter of authority and stamping his reign as the king of urban high life.

Gold put up a special performance at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos State, to the excitement of invited guests. The singer performed the entire track list of the GOLD album accompanied by a live band.

The ambiance was definitely not the norm as the excitement from the audience could be felt from their cheers of approval. He displayed fluidness like never seen before as he took the audience on a visual ride of the songs on the album.

The event reached its hallmark when Gold performed one of fans’ favourite’s off the GOLD album, ORENTE. The harmony between the audience and the band spoke volumes. Guests danced, sang along and cheered the performers. Ultimately, Gold bared his soul to his audience.

Asides his grand performance,  the multi talented artiste, had paintings representing each song on the album auctioned at the event along with deluxe copies of the album. This establishes him as the first artiste to have a pictorial representation of an album in Nigeria.