Would you accept to marry someone through match-making?

THE rise in the use of social media platforms by all and sundry has seen many use the platforms for different purposes. Interviews, networking and match-making are some of the uses of the various social media platforms in the digital world. Match-making is the process of bringing two or more people together, usually for the purpose of marriage. The road to walking down the aisle starts with a step of knowing each other, which takes place in virtual or physical space. The virtual space takes place on social media platforms such as facebook, meet me, plenty of fish (POF) etc.,  and it is one of the purposes of using the social media platform.

However, amidst pretense and character- impersonation that exist in the physical space of love and affection, would you accept to marry someone you met through social match-making?

On WhatsApp Conversation, these are what those who joined the conversation and our experts said on the issue

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Oluwafemi Okunlola

Well, I guess how we meet people shouldn’t be an issue. I could meet my partner anywhere, even at a club, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the compatibility and tolerance of excesses. So, it’s not a big deal if we match-met.


Steve Idealman

I believe that anywhere you find a suitable spouse, marry her. It doesn’t matter where you meet them, as a matter of fact, I discovered that most of the girls I found pleasure dating are from facebook or whatsapp. The two currently are from facebook until one decided to leave recently. And you know what, I am ready to marry the one left, despite the fact that we met on facebook.


Promise Benneth

Everyone we’ve ever met has been match made to us. From meeting on the road, at a church, in a club, social media or actual living. If it weren’t for the said coming to the church or to the club, or the other person coming out of his/her home, there wouldn’t be any form of meeting or interaction. Meeting online seems odd because of its excesses, but I believe that every meeting of ours and our spouses, were match-made.


Taiwo Ahmed

Well, I can. But it won’t be immediate because it would be risky. We would have been together for at least three to six months before we agree to tie the knot.


Olowokere Olorunsaanu

It depends, but as for me, I will prefer a lady I wooed myself.


Anneete Chikodi

Yes. If he fits my criterion of who I want my spouse to be. There is nothing wrong.


Princess Oduniyi Dolapo

Well I can marry a match-made partner because of the following reasons:  If the said partner is well organised and has a good job. If he has a good character and he is well behaved, if he has a good background in two major religions that is Christianity or Islam. Also, the major thing is when I see him and I love him nothing can stop me but if I don’t love him, nothing can make me to marry him.


Lanre Oseni

Accepting a match- making partner for marriage? Why not? If God makes it a more successful possibility than the non match-made! Only God determines success of any plan or no- plan. God’s work or stamping is not equal to theory of management. We have seen a well-planned, non- match – made marriage that did not succeed. Some even resorted to ‘divorce’. I could succumb to a marriage that was match – made.


Yetunde Ajayi

Yes, it doesn’t matter where you meet your partner, what matters most in any relationship is true love, understanding, caring and him/her being well behaved. To me, it is not okay because the person might not fit into the qualities you want.


Rey Ofure

As for me, it is an absolute NO! Because the Bible was specific in proverbs 18:22. He who finds a wife… It is saying a man should be the one searching for a wife not anyone helping him to. When this (match making partners) eventually happens, the values for both spouses wears off with time. As there’s a sense of respect and appreciation when you search prayerfully and wait on the Lord patiently to bring the right person, either a guy or a lady to you. You’re in the position to do any findings about your spouse-to-be personally, not anyone giving you an assurance or discouraging you.




Samuel Unuane is our expert on this issue. There is nothing bad in the match making process. But wisdom is profitable to direct amidst nefarious acts, pretense, individual and character impersonation which are on the rise with the match-making platforms we have around. Not to forget that the rise in cyber crime has made it difficult to decipher who is good or bad. In case is like this, it is best advised that patience, fact checking are the major pillars to hold onto in making the unending decision of saying “I do” and to avoid being cat fished or falling into the wrong hands. The belief that there is one in 10 good stories of match-making process so it won’t be bad giving it a try. The virtual space exists beyond the ‘love you tales’, but a furtherance to reality, suitability, balance with prayer and a directive from God, then, the marriage is heaven on earth from the start.

Next week on WhatsApp Conversation, we would be treating: Who would you marry: one who stood by you when you had nothing or one who made you wealthy?


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