What things do you find annoying as you grow older?

In this week’s edition of WhatsApp conversation, we are discussing the pet peeves that come with growing up.

Ageing is a normal part of life’s processes but it definitely comes with its own baggage. As we get older there are things that begin to get on our nerves. Some of these things might be things that we even used to enjoy.


Tokunboh Aderopo

Discovering new sounds when you’re standing up. When I was young, I used to silently laugh at the old man noises my father made when he stood up from the couch. Listening to him, you’d think that standing up from the couch was so hard when it was obviously easy!

Of course, now that I’m in my mid-40’s, I’m making those sounds. When I stand up, it sounds like someone is strangling a wookie. Nobody warns you that gravity seems to increase as you age.

There is also having to work to stay alive and be able to afford the bare essentials that you shouldn’t even buy, to begin with. We can pretend but a lot of working adults dread Sunday nights and don’t even get me started about that thing called passion, please.


Medinat Modupe Oseni

We all look forward to getting older someday, especially during our teenage years. Young people are in a haste to experience adulthood because it appears to them as being free to experience life. Meanwhile one would understand better as we approach the adulthood stage because one has to gradually accept some responsibilities of your own.

There are lots of things that can be annoying as you get older, personally, I would say the most annoying of all the experiences I have had is the frustration of having to own up to lots of mistakes that could have been avoided if I were to be a kid.


Tosin Awoniyi

As I get older, not minding one’s business, being self-centered, and poke-nosing into people’s affairs are the things that are becoming increasingly annoying to me.

Not Minding One’s Business: Some of the people out there like prying into people’s private lives which shouldn’t be so. So from my own perspective, I think prying on people’s private lives should be an act or behavior that must be abolished among our people.

Being Self Centred: This is another behavior that is becoming increasingly annoying to me day by day as I get older. Being Self Centred or being selfish is another behavior that people must put a stop to, because till this present moment we still have some people that do think about themselves alone.

Poke nosing into people’s affairs: We still have some people that like poke nosing to people’s affairs. This kind of person likes getting involved in something that does not concern them. How on earth would someone like getting involved in something that doesn’t concern him or her?

So to draw my conclusion, not minding one’s business, being self-centered, and poke nosing into people’s affairs are the things that are becoming increasingly annoying to me day by day as I get older.


Amos Oni

Dark restaurants that blast music at the highest volumes. They are such a pet peeve and every minute spent in them is torture. It’s the reason why I would rather buy a take-out and just go back into the comfort of my quiet space. I really can’t deal with a lot of loud, unnecessary noise. I guess it’s fun for the staff who have to be there all day, but as a customer the whole reason I’m there is to talk with my friends while we eat, which is so difficult if the music is so loud. Basically feels like they just want me to eat in silence and leave ASAP.


Stella Eberechukwu

Lack of awareness everywhere. People looking at their phone while driving, not really listening to the person they’re talking to, blocking the grocery aisle with their cart, leaving messes for someone else to clean up, taking good friends or family for granted, contradicting themselves with cognitive dissonance, people on speakerphone or Face-time calls in public and look all offended when you ask to pass by and blatantly say on call how rude it is to want to get by them. Blaring crappy music on their crappy phone speakers. Driving is horrible no one pays attention to anything. It is a constant battle to not get merged into. It is absolutely ridiculous. You’re not the only person trying to live your life today.


Lanre Oseni

Dental issues

I know that almost all parts of your body bear the brunt as age sets in but once you get into the mid-30s, it begins with your teeth. I went to a dentist that viewed anybody over 25 as a cash cow. Any work he did was almost enough but always seemed to require a return trip. You never really stop having to visit the dentist and it’s crazy to think about.


Mercy Kabawa

The fact that you can forget things. It’s really so messy. One moment, you are standing up and ready to go get something. The next second, you have walked up the stairs and you cannot seem to remember the reason why you stood up in the first place. Adulting is such a tiring experience.


Next week, the question we will be dealing with is “What did you not understand until you experienced it?” To be part of the next edition, send your response to 08133601345 on WhatsApp.


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