What my relationship with Davido has earned me —Kolawole Omoboriowo

 Kolawole Omoboriowo is a popular music public relations expert and the founder of Scoop Media Concepts, a company with presence in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Having worked with celebrities in the entertainment industries in Nigeria and abroad, he discusses the growing PR business and his experience managing celebrities in this interview by SEGUN ADEBAYO.


You have come to be known as a popular brand with the Scoop Concept brand. Can you tell us how you pushed yourself to this level?

Truth be told, it’s God and the courage to break limits in all I do. I have heard a lot about my company, not just in Nigeria, but even in other countries. Also, sincerity and passion matter in all you do. I’m still developing myself and the company in order to be able to match up with the heights that I aspire. Scoop Media Concept will soon be a household name and the best music music public relations company in the world. We don’t joke with our clients. We try as much as possible to make sure they are happy working with the brand.


You started as an online media PR but today you seem to have raised your game; you have gone international. Tell us about your growth.

From being a child, we grow to become an adult and more. Same way with everyone that’s focused and wants growth. All you need to do is to keep growing no matter how challenging it might be. Today, we have Scoop in the United Kingdom. Before, it was all a dream. Like it is often said, if you don’t sleep, you can’t dream. Today, we have grown beyond Nigeria and I thank God for the growth. Things are getting better and the evidence is there for all to see. We are ushering in a new age for music PR globally.


Talking about your UK influence, what’s your relationship with Anthony Joshua and what are you doing for him?

I am more of a family friend to the Anthony Joshua family. Right now, we have a lot we are working on underground but we have been family friends before business.


How did you pull off your UK deal and how hard has it been pushing your brand to that part of the world?

I am a firm believer in team work. The dream was easy because of team work and the efforts put into the design. Scoop UK has its chief executive officer (CEO) but I remain the founder. With time, our influence will continue to spread globally. Hard work has brought us this far and we will keep working.


Let’s talk about some of the artistes you once handled their management. It seemed that you didn’t really get it right with them. From Toby Grey to Yonda and others, what went wrong?

Truth be told, no matter how well you tailor your brand or work experience, if your client is not disciplined, all you do will bounce back on you. It is the reason we have focused on solely music PR and not management anymore. Toby Grey, to us was a success when she was with us, until she left. On Yonda’s part, she is a raw talent. the world is yet to experience. Soon, the world will be shocked on how versatile Yonda can be. In all we do at Scoop, discipline has been a core value.

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You have a reputation for getting the job done. What is that thing you do right?

I always tell people that business is like playing the Whot game. You need to know when to play your last card and when to play the right card. The industry is large and you just need to show the trustworthy side of you for a client to believe in you. There is nothing we are doing right that hasn’t been done before. We conduct feasibility studies and determine how we can position ourselves strategically. We may not be the best, yet but we are on our way.


Let’s talk about your relationship with Davido and Davido Music Worldwide (DMW). Is it partnership or just friendship?

My relationship with Davido started when I handled a project with Yonda. More so, he sees me as business-inclined person not one of those who swarm around him for favour. I earned his contact in less than ten minutes of conversation with him during our first official meet. I represent DMW in a way because I work with Yonda. Also, when my PR skill is needed, I am called upon.


The PR business is a peculiar one and is fast becoming a sector on its own. As an active player in the business, what’s your take on the business?

It has always been my ambition to build an edifice in an industry different from the saturated ones. PR business is fast growing to be one people are buying into and I’m really happy it’s growing. The results are getting more obvious by the day. I have always been a supporter of division of labour. As such, every organisation will grow and be recognised. There was a time I told an artiste I didn’t manage artistes again. When the artiste became a star, he came back to me and reminded me of when I rejected him as I could have been the manager of a star musician. I laughed and repeated myself to him that even if he made the offer at that moment, I would still have turned him down. The reason I maintained my stance wasn’t because of pride. I just wanted to reinforce the division of labour mantra. Today, I’m happy and the name is growing.


We are well into 2020, what’s your immediate plan?

Expansion and more expansion. This year is a year of doing it all. We are pushing out more strategies, working hard to achieve more than we have been and grow our presence on the map of the world.




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