PMAN calls on Ncc to revoke Coson’s license

Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN) has called on the Nigeria Copyright Commission (NCC) to  immediately effectuate the “revocation of COSON’s operating License.

The National Working Committee (NWC) reminded the commission that it is empowered to punish anyone or agency that operates as a collective management organisation in Nigeria without a valid licence.

PMAN alleged that while Nigerian right holders continue to suffer losses, COSON had deployed tactics to evade the independent audit mandated by the NCC and other key stakeholders, and still operates and parades itself as a licensed CMO

“More than two years since the crisis ensued, COSON had launched media campaigns to attack individuals and institutions who demanded probity.

“The illegal collective society has chosen the deployed right holders’ royalties to fund countless frivolous lawsuits over compliance to the directives of its regulator.

“A recent report from auditing firm, KPMG, revealed that COSON collected over N1.1 billion in royalty and licensing fees from users in 2017, but claimed it only distributed N225 million to holders, while over N800 million is unaccounted for.

“Furthermore , COSON has continuously defied the directives of its regulator and has resorted to illegally demanding payment of royalties from users without valid License,” Okafor alleged.


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