What Is Bulk Email Verification

When you are launching email campaigns, you need to take care of dozens of aspects that will determine its success or failure. Bulk email validation is one of such aspects, and it plays a great role to support a good sender reputation, as well as guaranteeing high open and conversion rates.


Let’s contemplate the major points you should know about bulk email verification software and its value.

Why Do You Need Email Bulk Checking?

Email validation is essential for your subscriber list. You need it when you add new users to your lists, so you can check if these emails are still in use, if they can receive emails, and if they belong to real and operating domains. You also need to check your old email lists regularly, as emails can become inactive over time.


Inactive emails, as well as spam traps, lead to high bounce rates that will associate with your email box. They can spoil your sender’s reputation and make you look like a spammer. As a result, you will have a lot of problems trying to whitelist the email address you use to send an email campaign.

What Is Bulk Email Verifier, Why And How To Use It?

An email verifier is a software solution that automatically runs verification tests on your email lists. A bulk email verification tool will do it more efficiently than you would do it manually, and hence, save you a lot of time and resources. Usually, they might come together with our tools, for example, your email sender.

How To Verify Mass Emails With Soft And Tools?

Verification tools unite different types of tests (syntax, domain checks, etc.) to see if the email is valid and active. Users need to upload their mail list and set up a test, and it is everything that you would need to do: everything else will be taken care of by the software piece.

How To Choose A Bulk Email Verifier?

So, how to choose a reliable email verifier that will fulfill your needs? We suggest considering the next points:

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  • what types of validation does it support and how many of them;
  • is it on-premise software that you need to download and install or is it a cloud-based solution?
  • can it process the volumes you need and does it have the capacity to scale your checks in the future?
  • how do they provide customer support, and will you be satisfied with it?
  • does it support integration with third-party services like email senders, CRM solutions, etc.?


As email marketing is quite popular right now, the market for solutions is also great. So, you will definitely have a lot of options to consider and select the one that will suit you the most.

Final Words

Email verification is important for your email activities. Don’t neglect it and take your time to run checks, otherwise, you might generate a big amount of trouble for your current email address.


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