Using social media for good

“Evil communication corrupts good manners,” goes a popular saying. Despite the numerous features of social media, for the Nigerian space, it has had many negative effects which cannot be over-emphasised. Many of these effects have been targeted at the young population.

From pornography to increase in other vices such as rape, sexual harassment, cybercrime and the like, many are the attendant consequences of the negative effects of the use of social media. However, there are steps that can be put in place to address the situation.

On pornography, parents/guardians should ensure strict monitoring of their children/wards’ use of communication devices such as smart phones, in order to ensure some form of regulation of the use of the internet. Seminars and other such enlightenment programmes can be put in place to enlighten or educate youths on the dangers of unconstructive use of the internet. On cybercrime, organisations and government agencies should ensure stiffer sanctions against such criminals.

If the adverse effects of the destructive use of social media are addressed, there will be improvement in living standards, and sustainable increase in productivity of youths.


Favour Oluwatoyin,

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