US wants more commitment to peacekeeping operations in Mali

THE U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Amb Nikki Haley, has called on the international community to provide more support for peacekeeping operations in Mali.

Haley said in a statement that the current peacekeeping operation in Mali had become dangerous, and urgently needed the support of other governments and organisations to achieve peace in the country.

“This is the world’s most dangerous peacekeeping mission. We are putting troops in harm’s way asking them to patrol deserts where Al Qaeda thrives.

“Peacekeepers in Mali operate in very challenging circumstances. But, their mission is essential. These peacekeepers put their lives on the line every day to help Mali’s people.

“Countries have pledged to give more equipment to Mali’s peacekeepers. The United States urges these countries to follow through as quickly as possible.

“By working together, this Council, troop contributors, and supporters in the international community can help this peacekeeping operation make real progress toward supporting peace in Mali,’’ she said.

According to her, there is currently no government presence in parts of the country, thereby reducing the number of Malians that have access to humanitarian assistance.

Haley added that violence was getting worse, as armed groups had refused to lay down their arms, with terrorist groups deepening their cooperation with each other in perpetuating their terrorism.

“So we currently have peacekeepers on the ground to support a peace agreement that is not gaining traction.

“This is a dangerous situation. But if we act urgently, there is hope. We can and we must do better,’’ she added.

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