UNICAL probes sorting, extortion, sexual harassment, exam malpractices

The University of Calabar, UNICAL, has said that it had discovered that some members of the academic staff of the university have revived obnoxious acts of sorting, extortion, sexual harassment and examination malpractices in the university.

The Authority of the university, therefore, warns those involved, whom it said had been identified, to desist and repent, just as it threatened to make the culprits face the institution’s Disciplinary Committee.

In a memo dated August 10, 202, addressed to the university community and endorsed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration, Professor Michael P. Okon, UNICAL stated that had identified the departments and teaching personnel involved in the “obnoxious and abhorrable acts.”

In the memo titled: “Obnoxious and Abhorrable Acts of Sorting Extortion and Sexual Harassment”, the university stated that it was aware that some of the lecturers involved in the acts also allowed students to write examinations “at homes, hotels and relaxation places.”

The memo read: “It has come to the knowledge of management that some teaching staff have revived the obnoxious and abhorrable acts of sorting and sex for grade/sexual harassment.

“Some Departments and lecturers have been specifically fingered and investigations have commenced. Management also has information to the effect that lecturers have to give students scripts to write exams at homes, hotels and relaxation places,” memo disclosed.

“All those involved in these despicable activities are hereby warned to desist and repent. In fact, they will soon be invited to interact with the Disciplinary Committee,” the university threatened.


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