Turkish Airlines offers laptops on board

TURKISH Airlines says it has started offering laptops for its Business Class (BC) passengers of U.S. and UK bound flights.

The airline said in a statement in Lagos that the offer was necessary following the ban on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) gadgets and other electronic devices on U.S. and UK bound flights by the authorities.

It said that there was the need to provide an alternative access to passengers with state-of-the-art laptops onboard to continue with their businesses.

According to the airline, the service, which is yet another innovation, will be accessible to Nigerian passengers and other nationalities, who are BC passengers of the flights.

“As the airline that flies to the most countries of the world, we will continue to develop new solutions for our passengers.

“The national flag carrier has now started to offer laptops for its business class passengers of U.S. bound flights as from today.

“We will also launch the same practice for its UK bound business class passengers on May 12,” the airline said.

It said that with the new service, passengers would uninterruptedly be able to take up their personal tasks on the laptops above the clouds.

The airline said that passengers would experience in the planet seamless in-flight entertainment system of Turkish Airlines on the other side.

“Within the context of this new practice, those passengers who deliver their personal laptops to the authorised TK staff before their flights, can request a laptop from the cabin crew in order to follow their business or personal processes on board during the flight.

“Those laptops that have the feature of being a tablet after being folded and as well as a touch screen property will be offered through a high security system.

“The security system protects the personal information and works of the passengers by automatically and permanently deleting them all from the system when the notebook computer has shut down,” the airline said.

It said that passengers that wished to make a copy from those personal works to an USB memory stick could easily do that.

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