Tips for Writing Popular Blog Posts

When writing popular blog posts, certain elements combine together to make them outstanding.

Just because they are popular doesn’t mean mediocrity will be tolerated by your audience. You’ll be surprised if you are thinking this way.

A popular blog post is intended to attract an army of readers, but if it falls short in the essential rudiments it should have, that intent is defeated and people will not even notice the post let alone read it.

Popular blog posts are making budding sites like HyNaijagather massive following, why? people are interested in vogue topics and happenings around them.

These tips you are about to read will help you write incredible popular blog posts that will attract tons of readers not just viewers who wouldn’t exceed the first sentences.

4 Tips for Writing Popular Blog Posts

1.   Your Headline Should Be Catchy

The headline is like the billboard of the post. If it’s not catchy, site visitors will just pass. You need to bait them with the headline or title of the post, it should be as inviting as possible. Let’s simplify this. Look at these two examples of headlines and take a mental note of the one you will go for if you were a site visitor. “Top 10 Billionaires in Africa” and “Top 10 Billionaires in Africa, See Who Claimed The No.2 Spot”. That element of curiosity is the bait to attract readers. Remember, this is an example, yours might not be the exact same replica, but stir up curiosity in the mind of your potential readers with a heading that’s lures them in.

2.   Format Properly and Mind Your Diction

When writing popular blog posts, you are looking at a wider audience. Laymen who have access to the internet will read and educated fellows will also read. Don’t overuse intricate vocabularies and don’t sound too casual as well. Try hanging on the fence with this one. Also make sure you format properly. Use full stops, commas, colons and the rest of the punctuations in their right places. This adds to the quality of your writing. Don’t think people will be so interested in the juicy details and forget you used “am” in the stead of “I’m”. The educated ones will fault you on this. Edit properly.

3.   Use Pictures And Videos If You Have To

Pictures aren’t always necessary in blog posts but this one is popular and you need to show people what you are talking about. Don’t leave them hanging in the clouds of imaginations, feed them with the pictures. Trust me, most people are even more interested in the pictures than the words especially when you pile up an epistle in the name of blog post. Videos too can come in where necessary as an icing on the cake.

4.   Use keywords

The usage of keywords in blog posts and the technicalities involved is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you are a writer, your job is to use keywords that will enable the site rank high on Google and gain huge clicks. If you are a blogger, you should learn how to optimize your site to rank high on the web, it’s something you should know before venturing into blogging. Perhaps, the post is trending and someone wants to Google it immediately and stay informed, it is the SEO that will enable the person access your site after typing in the keywords related to the subject on the search engine.



You’ve probably heard about this mantra in the writing world that says “Content is King and writers are the Kingmakers”.

It’s no hype or flattering. It’s the fact. Whatever content you put out there to the public goes farther than what you imagine.

Content is the king of blogging and you should strive to make it classy.

Those tips will help give you a fine start if you use them to the latter.


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