Suicide, a spreading disturbance

Life is very tough in this part of the world and as years roll in, people cannot get tougher to face the challenges spanning social, economic and cultural aspects of human life. Daily, there are reports of individuals who couldn’t carry on the task of living and choose to terminate their lives, leaving behind their beloved ones to mourn their avoidable demise.

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People who are full of life and have greater prospects, at least from their appearances and pursuits, after reaching conclusions which can be disputed, often choose to bow to the pressure and take their leave from the world. The possibility of committing suicide isn’t written on their faces as they only put down their reasons in paper and later take the painful path to snuff out their own lives. Their reasons usually vary from frustration, depression, disappointment to failure to actualise the set goals.

They hardly think of people they will leave behind in sorrow and more depression and other reasons they claim necessitate their drastic step. Like harmattan wildlife, the menace continues to gain momentum, to become a more popular measure to escape the ugly sides of the world. When one stumbles on posts on social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, one will think one is in a perfect world seeing beautiful things like pictures, seeing others flaunting their successes and achievements. You hardly find subscribers putting their weaknesses or failures on the platforms. These days, youths rely on the platforms, they are glued to it. And when they compare what they see online with their lives, the latter’s being full of unpleasantness, they tend to look for other ways out of their woes. They hardly consider the fact that the flood of posts and pictures online can be fake.

At a time like this, people have to be closer to one another. It’s been observed that frustrated people announce their intents online. They make threats and make good of them to the surprise of family members and friends who only chide them to stop making expensive jokes.

Social media can bring people together but the closeness isn’t real. Government should create awareness on this problem. People need to know that economy crises can’t be forever, the people should be motivated and sympathised with.

Timothy Faboade,

Ondo State.

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