Still on mobile operators’ unsolicited short messages

When the Honorable Minister of Communications, Barrister Adebayo Shittu, was sworn into office, he promised to put a stop to the unsolicited calls and text messages to subscribers’ phone lines by telecoms operators.

The minister has kept to his promise as the Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC) has given a June 30 deadline for the operators to stop sending unsolicited text messages to their customers.

Before now, telecoms subscribers have, over the years, received unsolicited text messages and calls,  which can be very annoying. The calls by subscribers to their operators to stop such unsolicited calls and text messages were ignored for too long before Barrister Shittu came on board.

Recently, the chief executive officers of the telecom operators were hosted in Abuja by the minister, who issued a note of warning to them that such illegality must stop.

In the same vein, the minister also warned the operators to ensure that unused internet data from a previous month is moved to the next subscription.

This is a good development and it indicates that we have a minister who has the interest of subscribers at heart.

I, however, want implore the minister to ensure necessary measures are put in place so that these operators comply with the new policy.


  • Babalola Abodunrin


Oyo State.

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