Pricing is a major challenge for bakers —Janet ‘Deelipcious’ Ogundare

Ogundare Oluwaseun Janet is the owner of the popular confectionery/catering outfit called Deelipcious Treats. In this interview with ROTIMI IGE, she talks about her love for baking, cooking and events, among other issues.

About me

I’m the last of six children. I am from Ilesa,  Osun State. I had my primary and secondary school education in Lagos.  I moved to Ibadan in 2009 for my university education, fell in love with the city and decided to settle there.


Growing up and influence

I grew up watching my mother make the most delicious meals and baked treats and I learnt from her.  I’m from a family where cooking and baking is like a heirloom.  I’m the fourth generation to join the train.  My older sister is also a professional chef in South Africa.  We can say cooking is in our blood.


How I started

I believe baking chose me.  I wanted to be an ambassador and studied International Relations at Lead City University, Ibadan I used to cook for private parties for my friends at school.  One day, I ate a cake at a friend’s birthday and I just made up my mind that I wanted to learn how to make cakes like that and I got introduced to YouTube.  I would say I’m mostly self trained as that was how I started.  I recently started taking professional classes too.


The journey so far

I started baking from my kitchen in 2016 and it’s been a journey of self-discipline, diligence and perseverance.  Between 2016 and now, we’ve been able to expand into two bake shops and we are currently working on a new space where we aim to serve more delicious treats and also be able to bring our extra delicious products closer to the general public.

The baking industry, especially in Ibadan and Nigeria as a whole, is a very tedious and exciting one.  New cake innovations keep popping up daily and it’s a roller coaster keeping up with the new trends and new ideas. But because I love what I do very dearly,  I look forward to trying new designs and also creating my own master piece.  I’m a bespoke baker.  This simply means all my designs are mostly created or influenced by my creativity at that moment.  I find coping designs from other baker very stressful and it limits my creativity.


Challenges in the baking industry

One of the major challenges bakers are facing, especially in the Ibadan baking industry, is the issue of pricing.  Most times, clients want a Ferrari for the price of Volkswagen. This can be so frustrating for bakers especially those of us that throw in our best, spend so much on our equipment, trainings and all. Passion and drive is what is keeping me going so far. And as we all know,  good services aren’t cheap and cheap services aren’t good.


My fashion and style

I’ll call myself a funky fashionista, as  I’m a blend of many worlds and I dress based on my mood.  Some days I go full tomboy,  some days I swag up with pretty lashes and a cute clutch.  My dress sense is very sassy and spontaneous. You can’t guess what I will be turning up in.


About Deelipcious.

At Deelipcious House of Treats,  we make mouthwatering cakes, cupcakes,  desserts,  doughnuts,  cookies  and we also make our famous sardine bread.  We pay full attention to both the content and the design of our products.  Quality is our watchword and we are continuously in the quest of finding new and better ways to deliver a taste to our clients that will make then keep coming back.  As much as every business is money driven,  we put out passion and love for what we do first. We are currently located at LL10,  Palms Shopping Mall,  Ring Road, Ibadan.  We always have quick cakes for sale every day.  We offer a two hour cake delivery service where you can call to order a cake and we deliver a delicious/uniquely designed cake to you in just two hours.


Where I see my brand in five years

In the next five years,  by God’s grace,  I see my brand as one of the leading household names all over the city and also in other states and countries.  The brand will have bake shops opened nationwide where people can walk in to buy freshly baked treats everyday and they will walk away with the same experience.