Power suits

Clothes have a phycological effect on the wearer and the power suit is an example that has stood the test of time for so long. Apart from its exquisite look, the power suit should make you feel confident. As such, having your power suit properly tailored is a must.

A perfectly fitted and impeccably tailored suit confers confidence, success and control on the wearer. Regardless of your gender, the power suit is a must -have in your wardrobe if you intend to command the room without raising a finger. For decades, the boardroom battle has been worn using this timeless piece of fashion article.

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The power suit prides itself on bold impressions and vivid colours; more often than not power suits are devoid of stylish details and subtilities. However, for a more demure look, you could incorporate a striped tie.For the female, powersuits came up as an attempt to disgruntle the established patriarchy. The fashion article has since proved the adage true that what a man can do, a woman can do better.  In the end, the aim of power suits is to project confidence and exude power.


Styling your power suit


Trousers has got the power feeling; instead of wearing skirts alongside your power suit, you should instead try to incorporate a fitted trouser.

Get bold colours; Colours can naturally announce your arrival. When it comes to powersuits, get the best colours and make sure the colours are bold. While you might intend to play around with colours on less formal outings, you should pick a bold coloured shirt when it is a formal meeting.


Men classic powersuits have a limited range of colour; black, charcoal gray, navy blue. These bold colours are your best bet when you are looking to boss it in power suits.

The ideal dress shirt for a power suit is a white dress shirt. You may experiment with other colours but white is a natural and will give you the princely look you deserve.

A bold pocket square will do just fine regardless of the choice of tie you make.  A straight tie will always trump a bow tie or cummerbund when it comes to styling your power suit.

A dress shoe that is either black (for charcoal gray, black or white suits) or dark brown (for navy blue suits)

You should wear an appropriate time piece; it shows you mean business and that you are conscious of time.

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