Politicians and desperate quest for power

The dreadful and bloody things that some politicians engage in to attain power are a cause for worry; the mentality of taking power at all costs is one of the main causes of disunity and retrogression in Nigeria.

Many lives have been lost and properties destroyed due to the desperation to attain power and lack of respect for the masses opinion. Ideally, election is supposed to be a peaceful practice which should be conducted freely and fairly at the allocated time.

Some losers have been known to use their influence at the courts to obtain power through the back door. Their strong desire for money, influence and power has uprooted the natural conscience and empathy in them.

Instead of being concerned about the progress of the state, they focus on how to violently take over positions they do not merit. Others do their utmost to retain power, monopolising a position which is not and will never be one man’s inheritance.  They boast and declare that no one can unseat them.

As a country, we refuse to learn from our heroes and icons like Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Adekunle Ajasin, Ladoke Akintola, Alvin Ikoku, Tafawa Balewa etc. We fail to realise that keeping a good reputation and affecting people’s lives positively is far better than four years of despotism and brutality.

To worsen the case, the judicial arm of government which is supposed to interpret the law without prejudice has so far not been transparent enough. Its judgments on past issues, particularly on elections, have not been encouraging at all.

It should not be like that in Nigeria that anything can happen whether it is constitutionally right or not. If care is not taken, injustice and distrust will gradually deepen itself in all other agencies meant to be anti-corruption or regulatory bodies.


Olamide Akinde, Ondo State.

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