PDP senatorial candidate in Borno decries replacement of name on INEC list

The Borno central senatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Jibrin Mustapha Tatabe has rejected the replacement of his name on the list submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)by the party.

In a press briefing in Maiduguri on Sunday, Tatabe said that the PDP has illegally substituted his name with that of Barr. Umara Kumalia is on the list submitted to INEC for the forthcoming elections in 2023.

According to him, the illegal substitution of his name on the list submitted to INEC is totally undemocratic and cannot be accepted by the people of the Borno central senatorial district.

Tatabe represented by the chairman of his support vanguard said “we wish to register our displeasure and disdain on the manipulation of the will of the people by the national leadership of the party.

“It is on record that our constituency’s delegates unanimously elected Hon Jibrin Mustapha Tatabe in the senatorial primary election conducted in Maiduguri, upon his success was issued with a certificate of return by the national leadership of the party.

“Hon Tatabe has not withdrawn his nomination as a candidate and has never contemplated doing so. He has not written any letter of withdrawal or gave anybody. Many efforts were made by the so-called Abuja-based party leaders but Hon Jibrin Mustapha Tatabe was repugnant. It is sad and disheartening that the lacuna perpetrated by other political parties is equally manifesting in our party.

“Before the release of the INEC’s list of nominated candidates, we heard that the national leadership of the party in concert with some Abuja-based party leaders who are contributing nothing towards the development of the party in the state had clandestinely substituted Hon Jibrin Mustapha Tatabe with Mohammed Umara Kumalia and thus changed the will of the people.

“To our dismay, we saw on the INEC’s list of nominated candidates the name of one Mohammed Umara Kumalia who did not contest the party primary. We are not legal practitioners but the electoral act 2022 as amended explicitly stated that a substituting candidate must be nominated through a valid primary election monitored by INEC.

“It is on record that there was no primary election conducted in Maiduguri in respect of the substitution of Mohammed Umara Kumalia in our constituency. The only senatorial primary election for Borno Central Senatorial district conducted in Maiduguri was the one between Hon Jibrin Mustapha Tatabe and Hon Bukar Kachalla where Hon Jibrin Mustapha Tatabe was returned elected.

“It is therefore imperative for us to let the party leadership and the entire world know that it is still on minds and aware of previous candidates who are merchants and eventually led the party down. Most of these candidates are backed by the so-called Abuja politicians. On most occasions, these Abuja-based party leaders are viewed by virtually every party member as well as the people of the state that they are working for the APC.

“It is our collective belief that Hon Jibrin Mustapha Tatabe who we knew his antecedents cannot be bought over by anybody hence his nomination as a candidate by our delegates. It was as a result of his antecedent and honesty our delegates jettisoned Alh Bukar Kachalla a former speaker of the house of assembly and experienced parliamentarian and voted for him. He is not a sale out and will never be one.

“The rumours going around on Hon Jibrin Mustapha Tatabe were mischievous and are all fabricated lies by the enemies within and outside the party. Those within had previously tried this treacherous slander during the primary election but it didn’t work. They are just trying to call a dog a bad name in order to hang it. The Almighty Allah is always on the side of truth.



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