On governor’s pension

10 million naira monthly pension for a governor; can you beat that? In a country adjudged as the world’s poverty capital, there is legislation to pay a governor N10million per month. We are being ruled by selfish people.

No wonder, they burn, kill, destroy and muzzle to get there. Unless our political camels can pass through the eye of a needle, then and only then will they be able to make heaven. I am not the author of this statement; perhaps you are among them and may want to dismiss this truth as “judging.”

Fellow Nigerians, you now see why some youths have relocated to the forests to extract their own pound of flesh. The Niger Delta militants are threatening to go back to the creeks.

With this kind of revelation, what stops them? Our rulers are indeed heartless. They cannot pay N30,000 minimum wage but can afford to cart away a whopping N10million per month pensions for doing nothing but stealing for four or eight years.

How does this appeal to common sense and decency? We now know why we are in debt; why there is insecurity; why we are in darkness; why there is infrastructural decay, why our institutions are weak.

We now know why experts seem not to have the solutions to our problems; why assassinations abound; why we have clueless leaders, in short, why we are not making any progress.

It is time therefore, to seek someone who is an overcomer; a person that is not a politician and doesn’t belong to any ethnic group; one who cannot lie, knows everything and cannot be in crisis, one we can turn to, to help us convert our crisis into an opportunity for growth.

God Almighty, certainly, is the answer to our problems, not the  ruthless political elite.


John  Jimoh,



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