Nutritionist warns against late dinner, says it affects sleep

AN Ilorin-based Nutritionist, Mrs Dorcas Olarotimi, has cautioned against late dinner, saying it is unhealthy and affects sleep.

She told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin on Friday that eating late at night may have a negative impact on the quality of sleep and cause disruptions to healthy sleep pattern.

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She said “eating in the evening hours near bedtime may make your body less prepared to sleep and can have adverse effects on memory, leading to a deficit in learning, concentration.

“When the stomach is struggling to digest food while you lie in bed, you are putting yourself at risk, also, late-night dinner can lead to weight gain.

“The ability to gain or lose weight does not just depend on food choices but also the timing of your meals and it is very dangerous when you eat more in the evening because of the risk of a higher marker of inflammation.”

She, therefore, advised small, high-protein snack like nuts instead of carbohydrate at night before bedtime.

She stressed that ” people should avoid large meals within a few hours to bedtime. Instead, go for fruits like apple, banana and nuts for good health.”

The nutritionist also advised a two-to-three-hour gap between meal and bedtime to prevent nighttime reflux.

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