No crisis in my family ― Gov Bello

Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has debunked the rumour making around that his wife, Rashida Bello has moved out of Government House.

In a press statement issued by his Chief press secretary, Muhammed Onogwu, on Tuesday, he stated that the publication in online medium with the rider “Trouble in Kogi State as the first lady, Rashida Bello, allegedly moves out of government house” was fake and there was no iota of truth in that publication.

“For lack of formidable tool of distractions, the online medium struggling hard for traffic has come out with a concocted falsehood alleging a crack in the household of his Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello, the said publication laced with lies and crooked fallacy detailed how the First Lady, Hajia Rashida Bello has moved out of the Government House in what the merchants of mischief painted as a revolt against the ADC to the governor.

“This reaction is coming out not in reverence of the amorphous medium but a call to the general public to disregard as a tissue of lie, the malicious fabrication. Governor Yahaya Bello is in full control of his household, the same way he holds in firm grip the affairs of the state.

“Rather than resorting to such satanic antics, this cowardly medium and their sponsors should have taken on the Governor on his development agenda instead of resorting to a devilish campaign of calumny aimed at staining the sparkling profile of the governor.

“We wish to reiterate unequivocally that there is no crack whatsoever in the home and government of his excellency. The general public particularly citizens of Kogi state are enjoined to discard the purported information as a mere piece of mischievous antics given life by idle, disgruntled and undesirable elements.

“The avalanche of aides working with the Governor are professionally trained individuals with proven records of discipline, diligence and focused dispositions.”


No crisis in my family

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