National crises: We shouldn’t lose our faith in God, Buhari counsels Nigerians

• Our challenges surmountable ― Osinbajo

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians not to be overwhelmed by the prevailing socio-economic and security challenges facing the country.

He gave the admonition, on Thursday, on the occasion of the 11th National Prayer Breakfast organised by the Christian Legislators Fellowship of the National Assembly with the theme, “Faith in a time of crisis.”

Represented by the Permanent Secretary, General Services Office, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Dr Maurice Mbaeri, President Buhari expressed concern that the majority of Nigerians are beginning to lose hope in themselves and the nation.

He, however, maintained that with devotion to God and sincere supplications to Him, the much-needed change that the citizens crave would be realised.

“The theme of this year’s national prayer breakfast, ‘Faith in the Time of Crisis’, clearly speaks to what we need as individuals and as a collective in these times when most Nigerians seem to have forgotten their faith because it appears that we are facing insurmountable hurdles.

“However, in actual fact, a good number of Nigerians have taken over the role of God by failing to place their trust in Him and placing it entirely on themselves and other men. Of course, it is very difficult to keep faith in times of crisis, especially when all we think we can do and agree as humans, and most especially policymakers, is not yielding the desired results of calming the stormy waves.

“As such, we begin to ask God, where are you? We begin to debate whether there is a need to trust God. I am confident that this keynote address that has been delivered by the Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Goshen City Abuja, Bishop David Abioye has encapsulated these thoughts in a more elaborate and succinct manner and further encourages us all on how to keep our faith in times of crisis.

“Our hope is in God Almighty and our strength is in His will concerning us and that is why we are confident that these prayers are not in vain but will work out for our good as a people and as a nation. Prayer is a source of strength regardless of religion and it brings forth solutions at all times. In our multi-layered society where there is an obvious combination of various tribes and religions, it is fair to say that we believe that sincere prayers would bring about the desired change and betterment of our families, local communities and of course the society at large.”

In his contribution, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who was represented by the State House Chaplain, Pastor Seyi Molomo, expressed the hope that a new nation was imminent despite the enormous challenges.

Professor urged Christians to remain steadfast in their faith in God, whom he noted enjoined them to always cry to Him amidst tribulations.

“In the throes of the pandemic well over a year leading to the severe economic downturn, there were loss of jobs and sources of livelihood. As we climb out of the recession, we have been faced with an unprecedented scale of insecurity in different zones of the nation.

“But for us who are gathered here today, Christian legislators, who trust in the God that answers prayers and who lead by faith and not by sight, would see the invisible. By our faith, we have knowledge that every time that a nation is challenged, it is God’s call to his people to take action, to rise up in faith, seize the opportunity for God to demonstrate that he is all over the nations, he is the creator of the heavens and the earth and that He knows the beginning from the end. The scripture has consistently shown us that the children of God by their faith are central to the deliverance of their nation in times of crisis.

“They must desire the change, they must cry to God and be ready to make the sacrifice of repentance. The word of God does not agree with logic or with our thinking. God is saying here that it is not the nation that repents. It is his own people who are called upon to repent and turn from their evil ways.

“As we are the salt, we are also the light. The light ends the darkness. It marks the end of a night of weeping and marks the glorious sunlight of the morning of joy. As we pray, we prophesy our crisis will end. A new nation would be birthed. One where like the city to which Elisha went, the land was healed and the people prospered and peace and joy prevailed.

“I speak these words also to our nation. Thus says the Lord I have healed this waters. From it, there shall be no more death or barrenness. According to the words of Elisha which he spoke, we say the same words to our nation as well that there is an end to the crisis.

“There is a dawning of a new day, the birthing of a new nation. As the scripture says, weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. The new nation is birthed already but covered by the clouds of crisis, one crisis or the other, but I want to let us know the clouds would clear and God Almighty would take all the glory for the birthing of this new nation.”

Earlier in his sermon, the Guest Speaker, Bishop David Abioye, said faith is the life wire of Christianity which is needed to overcome the challenges facing the country.

The Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church, Goshen City, Abuja, however, appealed to Nigerians to shun sins, as he cautioned that refrains from committing evil is a precondition to abundant God’s favour.


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National crises: We shouldn’t lose our faith in God, Buhari counsels Nigerians

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