Maritime Writes Training Academy begins June 27

The first Edition of the Maritime Writes Project, which received entries from female members of the public, aged 15 and above, would run its creative writing training/workshop from June 19 to June 27, 2021, organisers have announced.

The Project Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer, Media Traction, Mrs. Ezinne Azunna, told newsmen recently that the training, would be open to participants selected by the Faculty and would run only on weekends.

The Faculty would be headed by Dr Taiwo Nolas-Alausa; a training and development consultant of over 18 years who specialises in creative and business communications while Dr Adegbite Tobalase, an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Languages & Literary Studies at Adeleke University, Ede will head the Creative Writing Review and Editing panel for potential publishable works. Ms Ifeoma Ifechelobi, a US based clinical psychologist, is also a member of the faculty.

“We have selected about 20 participants; five Senior Secondary School female students who did well at the National Maritime Quiz and Symposium organised by Ocean Ambassadors Foundation led by Hon Olaitan Willaims were offered scholarships.

“We have schools who enrolled their students and individuals too. The goal is to empower these girls with creative writing skills and encourage them to author children storybooks with maritime themes. That is the way to keep the younger generation informed and interested in what the maritime industry does.

“We are grateful that we have a team of experts and consultants who have accepted our request to make up the Faculty. Dr. Taiwo Nolas-Alausa; a Training and Development Consultant of over 18 years who was once a lecturer and now specialises in Creative and Business Communications will head the Faculty.

“Renowned Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Languages and Literary Studies at Adeleke University, Ede, Dr Adegbite Tobalase who also is the University’s Orator and Director, Conversion and Extension Programmes will head our Creative Writing Review and Editing panel for potential publishable works.

“Ms Ifeoma Ifecholobi, Clinical psychologist who worked with children in Nigeria for over ten years before moving to the Academia is also on the Faculty. We have other guest lecturers who include publishers, illustrators and captains of industry.”

“The curriculum is quite robust. The Head of Faculty has assured us and our hope is that the Academy will give the participants what it takes to be accomplished authors.

“The interesting thing is that the project has gotten lots of commendation but not much financial support. We are encouraged by the contributions no matter how little; we know that it can only get better. We hope that this annual exercise will grow the quantity and quality of maritime stories on the bookshelves while empowering females”, Azunna, the Project Coordinator stated.

Dr Alausa who would be leading the Maritime Writes Training Academy was a former Assessor for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and a former Associate Lecturer at the Department of English, Lagos State University (LASU).



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