Maritime Academy takes delivery of Helicopter Underwater Escape Training equipment

The Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN) has taken delivery of an Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) equipment which will enable the Academy to run courses and training for offshore operations in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.

According to sources close to the Academy, “HUET is important for anyone who flies a helicopter. It is necessary training for members of the armed forces aircrew, emergency service departments such as the fire brigade and for people who work offshore. However, the training exercises are even being used for corporate events and work team building days – a lot more exciting than falling backwards and letting your colleagues catch you.

“The training takes place in a purpose-built indoor pool. You are trained in something called a dunker. The dunker is a helicopter simulator that can be submerged in the water. It can rotate 180 degrees, meaning that escapes from an upside down position can be practised, useful for if you need to escape a helicopter that’s capsized. As well as learning how to safely and effectively escape an underwater helicopter, the training also covers the use of equipment such as breathing apparatus.

“The course combines practical exercises with learning the theory about various escape techniques, safe deployment of equipment, and various emergency procedures and when to use them. When you’re in the dunker you will perform escapes in various positions of rotation, and at various levels of submersion, as well as practising escaping in the dark. You will also practice a range of more complex escapes, such as escaping from a helicopter that has had various exit points blocked off.

“HUET is also compulsory for people working in various industries, and in such cases, you’ll be automatically enrolled onto a course. HUET is essential basic training for anyone working in offshore industries as you are likely to be leaving and getting to your offshore workplace via helicopter.”



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