Louis law firm set to kick off internship and mentoring program

Skinner Louis, the founder of “The Louis Law Firm” has shared his plans to kick off a yearly internship and mentoring program.

The law firm, which is a full service insurance dispute and personal injury firm, starting in February 2021 will begin a yearly mentoring program.

It is designed to help young men and women who are interested in leadership and dispute resolution. He is of the opinion that it is always better to invest in people.

“I could buy 10 Rolls Royces, but I can only drive one; 10 houses, but I can only live in one. So, I choose the essential over the excessive. I would much rather invest in 10 people, that can bring 100 times the return in untapped potential”, he says.

Mr. Louis said the program, which was scheduled to begin in November 2020, was delayed and put on hold due to the covid-19 pandemic restrictions. He said, “given the state of rising infections and hospitalizations caused by the pandemic it would not make any moral sense to kick start the program this year.”

He also pointed out that internships and mentorship works better in person as the internees and mentees are sometimes required to shadow their mentors on a day-to-day basis, so as to learn practically.

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Mr. Louis further stated that they would have considered doing the program remotely online, but then it would defeat the in person purpose of the program. He said the program will be free and open to individuals in both high school and undergraduate college.

As former Board Director for the Young Lawyers Section and former Chair for its Mentoring Program, Mr. Louis will use his skills and connections to partner with local community organizations to participate in the program. As he loves to say, “we must PUSH together because we’re all we got!”


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