Lobbying for NAC DG position intensifies at presidency

Not less than six contenders are jostling for the position of Director General of National Automotive Council (NAC), as the tenure of the incumbent; Engineer Aminu Jalal expires early next year (2017).

According to findings, 4 of the contenders for the juicy post are from the North, one from the East and another from the South West.

An impeccable source inside the NAC told our Correspondent that a “new DG may emerge before December or early next year.”

According to him, “The process is on. I’m not in a position to elaborate. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. The picture will be clearer in the next few weeks or months. Those interested in the position are using their contacts in the Presidency”.

He however stated that if the process is fair and transparent, a Director in the agency is likely to succeed Jalal.

In his words, “A Director level staff who could be more or less the Deputy DG presently may be elevated to the position of the DG. Let’s wait and see who takes over from Jalal in the next few months.”

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