Lessons from UK’s change of leadership

THE manner in which the former British prime minister, Mr David Cameron, left office, and the new leader, Mrs Theresa May, assumed the leadership of the Conservative Party, and the prime ministerial position should serve as a lesson to us in Nigeria.

For every new government in Nigeria, we budget billions of naira for celebrations, as if the new political leaders are going into office for a party. Governance is a serious business and we need to change our mentality in the country.

Also in France, whenever a new president is elected, on the day of the swearing-in, he drives to the presidential palace, where he is met by the outgoing president. They exchange pleasantries, address the media and the outgoing president moves into a waiting car to be driven away, while the new president enters the Champs Ellysees. He then quickly settles down to the serious business of governance.

Nigeria needs to change the way its political office holders celebrate when they win elections. These celebrations show that our politicians are only after the good things of life that their positions offer, and not the challenges.


  • Nelson Ekwale,


Edo State.

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