#KogiDecides: APC denies attack on Makinde

THE spoke person of the Kogi State All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial campaign council, Dr Tom Ohikere has denied any involvement on the alleged attack on the governor of Oyo State, Engr  Seyi Makinde.

Ohikere in a statement issued on Friday, said, “After due scrutiny of pictures and videos emanating from the supposed attack and finding it lacking in evidence to that effect, we have come to the conclusion that it is nothing but a continuing wave of PDP propaganda and misinformation tactics.

“In one report, they say it is the army, in another report they say a combined team of DSS and police personnel. Similarly, was any arrest made in that regard, also how can a long convoy of uniform men make their way to an hotel without the authorization or the intervention of the police high command.

“These are pertinent questions that are yearning for answers, and since these answers are not forthcoming, we consider them to be unavailable. This is nothing but another charade of the PDP intended to elicit sympathy from the unsuspecting masses of Kogi state.

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“But as we know it is nothing but an effort in futility as Kogites have heard such misguided alarms in the past and are by now accustomed to the desperate pattern of the PDP. So, until the police high command comes forward with substantial evidence to corroborate their claim.

“We will call it for what it is, an arrangement for deception of a party fast going into political obscurity.

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