Keep your skirts option open

A skirt is generally defined as a tube-shaped garment hanging down the waist to any length of the body. It is regarded as a feminine apparel, except for Scotland where skirts are also worn by a number of the male population. A skirt is however more versatile than its basic definition will allow, there are different types of skirts available. It doesn’t matter what you intend to achieve with your skirt, from prim and proper to daring and outlandish; there is always a skirt type available to do your bidding.  It is only fitting to delve into a few of the types of skirts available:

A-line skirts

This skirt type has a slight flare that makes it look like a capital letter ‘A’. It is a skirt type that is quite popular and can adjust to a variety of need. The length can be varying depending on personal preference. However the skirt basic characteristic is the typical freedom it affords since the skirt gets increasingly bigger as it goes down the body length. A-line skirts are great for a variety of occasions especially for conservative women and ladies.

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Fitted skirts

Like the name implies, fitted skirts are molded perfectly on the body length from the waist to the hips. This skirt type utilises a lot of darts helping it to stay continuously fitted. This skirt type can help to accentuate the figure of the wearer and as such is preferred by daring females who want to appear as smart as possible. It is usually the go-to choices for dinners.

Wrap around skirts

Wrap around or Sarong skirts are simple skirts that are made with light fabrics. It is usually seen as a piece of single cloth until it is time to wear. It is only then then that the skirt is wrapped around and tied on one side to form the skirt that it is. While it is usually very informal, wrap around skirts are great for beach outings.


Ball Gown skirts

A ball gown skirt is the same length as the lower piece of a ball gown. Starting from just below the waist, the skirt balloons out and goes all the way to the ground. In essence, it is a longer pleated skirt. It is excellent for balls, dinners and charity outings.


Pleated skirts

In this form of skirt style, the fabric is gathered around the waist and is sewn to create pleats. This skirt type utilises lighter fabrics like silk, satin or Oganza since the heavier fabrics will make the pleat balloon out. Pleated skirts are therefore the ideal skirt types during the hot season as the light materials prevent accumulation of heat.


Pencil skirts

This skirt type is very straight and fishtails slightly towards the knee, therefore earning the name pencil after the shape of the pencil stub. There is a need to have the right body type and shape before taking on this skirt. The straight cut of the skirt makes it ideal to show off a little curve too.

Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts are about the most conservative of skirt styles you will find anywhere, it is also stylish as well. Worn below the belly button and flowing all the way down, maxi skirts looks great on tall women. The skirts are a hot season staple and often comes in a flowery fabric type.

Whatever the skirt option you choose to go for, there are several others that you can try out. Weigh in the occasion, look out for yourself and make the best choice of skirt.