If you could change one thing about your relationship, what would it be?

Babatunde Adeleke

The saying goes that if wishes were horses, even beggars will ride. This week on WhatsApp Conversations, we decided to latch on to that innate desire that we all have, the wish to be better. We asked what our respondents would change in their relationship. Here are the answers we got:


Favour Bassey

One thing? That would be undying love. One thing I have come to discover is that you cannot wish these things and they will happen, like you are waving some magic wand. You have to work towards it and make sure it happens for you in your own time.


Biola Lawal

If incompatibility as a result of the absence of fear of God is discovered, then there is no sense in continuing a relationship with the devil. That is one thing I would strengthen if I could just wish anything into life in my relationship. Life is spiritual and it should be approached as such, to see it in any other light is to live a lie.


Lanre Oseni

Changing one thing about my relationship – that thing will be “ Indiscipline.” Many advantages can come out from “Discipline.” Indiscipline could, generally speaking, end in criminality, immorality, greed, fraud and failure. Being disciplined could lead to good leadership, good example and emulation by others, fear of God and success I would strengthen the culture of discipline in my relationship.


Kalil Teni

When things like this hit you, it is that you learn to prioritise what is really important to you and to your relationship. For me, the answer to this would be a little bit of adventure. I love my partner, he loves me too. It seems like it’s just the same old process. A little bit of adventure will help spice things up and put things in perspective.


Damilola Awokoya

Life is fickle, and that is why it should be lived to its very limit. It is this assumption that makes people feel like they need to change someone else to make things work a little more smoothly, to make their life a little better. This is not always true! If I were to change one thing about my present relationship, it would be me. I would change my expectations, I would learn to live life on its own terms, as it comes. I will try to change the way I want to force things to happen and just flow with the rhythm.


Olapade Agnes

I would change my pattern of love. I have been so used to self-love for so long that now, in a relationship I find it very difficult to extend the same level of love I have for myself to my partner. It might seem normal to a lot of people but I don’t like it. I want to be able to love my partner as much as I love myself. Now, if I could change one thing about my relationship that would be it!


Emeka Opene

If I could change one thing about my relationship, it would be funny but, here is what I would wish for; that the lady I am with presently was the lady I first met. The journey of love for me has been a roller coaster, I love my present partner, however, I am being too careful because of the things I have experienced. If only I could buy back time, but wishes are not horses.


George Zaka

I would change my approach to life and living. I am an introvert and so is my partner. Our combination means that we rarely socialise and even when we do, we don’t party hard for so long before we have to recharge again. This approach has cost me relationships in the past, it is threatening this present relationship as well. If this could change, there could be a meaningful way forward.


Sandra Anyim

If it is not too much to ask, I would ask for the perfect relationship with my partner. Knowing that perfection is a myth though, something close to perfection will be just as fine. Not just in my romantic relationship but also the platonic ones too. I am not asking that our individual differences should not shine through, I just want it to make the relationship better, not worse off.


Zubiar Tosin

More openness and genuineness. We can never build the right relationship if we are not open with each other if we don’t find out the time to talk about what makes us angry and happy. Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship and genuineness is what makes the process even better. That is one thing I would tweak in my own present relationship.


Josephine Idowu

In my many years of relationship experience, I just want to live each day as it comes and appreciate every single ounce of love shown towards me. It might seem a little different with me, but I just want a relationship where I don’t have to fear the unseen, the voices in the dark.


Tosin Falodun

For me, I just feel there can be more – at any level we are presently, there are always new heights to attain. The one thing I would change about my relationship would be to increase the level of hunger generally. Be it the drive to love each other more or to pay attention to the things that matter and fulfill purpose. I would increase the hunger.


The topic for next week is What are the best relationship pieces of advice that you ever got?  To be part of the next edition, send your response to 0813361345.



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