[ICYMI] Suspected cultists kill driver in Benin

A commercial bus driver was gruesomely murdered in Benin on New Year day by some unknown assailants in what looked like a reprisal attack by suspected cultists.

The bus driver was killed along Siluko road near Oliha market while the auto car repairer met his untimely death at his mechanic workshop at Osasogie street, off Oguola/Artilerry road while repairing some vehicles.

The identity of who reportedly plies Sapele road, Benin City was yet to be ascertained, the name of the slain mechanic was given as Emmanuel Michael.

The suspected killers were said to have boarded the bus which had its full headlights on from downtown Ring Road and hijacked it to Siluko road at gunpoint.

According to a source, the hijackers who struggled the steering wheel with the driver as it drove along, attacked him with a battle axe immediately the bus drove past former Ovator Cinema along Siluko Road before he was fatally shot.

Echoes of gunshots reverberated in the air when the vehicle screeched to a halt, an action which scared many people away as they scampered for safety.

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Shotly after the shots rang out, the suspected killers jumped out of the bus like commandoes, entered another vehicle and fled the scene, leaving their victim whose head was completely battered in the pool of his own blood.

The lifeless body of the deceased who sat on the driver’s seat was inside the bus for hours before it was finally evacuated.

The Edo State Police spokesman, Mr. Chidi Nwanbuzor could not be reached for comment as his mobile phone was persistently engaged.


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