‘I lost a pregnancy in a fight I picked with one of his concubines’

As it appears, every indication is pointing towards a seeming collapse of love between Ayanfunke and her husband, Henry, in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

Ayanfunke had accussed her husband of betrayal of love that existed between them as married couple.

Ayanfunke had dragged her husband before magistrate Ibrahim Abdulkadir of the customary court sitting at Ojagboro in Ilorin.

Ayanfunke said she had decided to come before the court to seek divorce from her husband because she no longer loves her husband.

She accused Henry of giving her and their three children a paltry N100 every day as feeding allowance, saying the amount of money was too meagre to be sufficient for their daily welfare/upkeep.

The woman explained before the court that many instances of inadequate love and care had become source of sadness and worry to her.

She also told the court that another way of life that had recently been embraced by Henry is that of adultery.

Funke established the allegation of adultery against her husband before the court as she narrated how secrets of Henry’s escapade were  revealed to her.

She said a few years ago, she told her husband that she was travelling to Offa in Kwara State to attend a social function, but later decided to cancel the trip, but on returning home, she found her husband in bed with another woman.

It was in her narration before the magistrate that she said that, “the ensued fight between me and the adulterous woman led to the loss of my pregnancy that I was carrying then. Concubines visit my husband at our home at will to the extent that many of them beat me up in my matrimonial home.”

She also lamented her bitterness and sadness before the magistrate over drunkenness habit of her husband, saying he was in the habit of buying assorted alcoholic drinks home for consumption.

She said her husband usually drank in the presence of their children, saying she would not want their children to emulate the habit.

“My lord, it’s because of these behaviours of Henry that I am no longer interested in this relationship. I want to divorce Henry,” she said.

The court magistrate, Ibrahim Abdulkadir, then adjourned further hearing till July 27, 2016 to enable her husband to defend allegations made against him by his wife before the court.

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